Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm laying in bed this morning, thinking about calling in, which I did. I have a headache and my back is killing me slowly. Jezzie was laying across my chest, can't say boobs because they were laying on the bed on either side of me. Woofy was meowing and licking my hand for attention and Gin Gin was head butting me for her share. And I was thinking, I do that sometimes. I have a licker, head butter and a pawer. Jezzie likes to get my attention by slapping her paw in my face.

They each have their own unique, endearing way of gaining my attention. Just thought I'd share the first few moments of my morning:)

Hope you all have a happy, romantic Valentine's Day!


Cindy L said...

Sorry that you're not feeling well! Your post did make me laugh out loud though! Your cats kinda sound like my hubby! LOL

Tory Richards said... that a compliment or a complaint?

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...I fell out over the statement about your boobs lying on the bed beside you. It was a double snort, for sure. I can relate but not because mine are large enough to do that but because it happens to every mature woman alive in one way or the other.

Back in my 50's I discovered it when during the doctor's exam he lifted up one of my boobs in order to get the stethoscope where he wanted it. I damn near fell off the table in shock since I'd always been small busted. Now fast forward 20 years and while Mother Nature has given me more, I can tell you that "the girls" are less than perky....

Since it's a couple of days past your posting, I'm hoping you once more feel good.

Tory Richards said...

LOL...I've never had that happen, thank god. But I will say when I go in for my yearly and I'm laying there on the table with that ridiculously tiny piece of paper they give me to cover my boobs, I tuck my arms against my sides to hold them in place.