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Friday, February 25, 2011

Crap! Got a sore throat. Woke up with it this morning and thought it was my sinuses but it didn't go away. You know what that means? I can't kiss my grandchildren! That sucks.

On a good note, I begin my new job April first. Had a business meeting today and all went great. I've got a few weeks to tie up loose ends and buy a new wardrobe. I've already got myself a pair of brown heels! LOL


LuAnn said...

Can't kiss the grandchildren?! You probably got it from them! At least, that's where I always get my colds and sore throats. The little buggers!

Jane said...

Feel better soon and congrats on the new job and new shoes.

Tory Richards said...

Not this time LuAnn. One of my co-workers gave several of us the bug. I left work early today and spent the afternoon sleeping.

Tory Richards said...

Thanks Jane. I'm looking forward to it.