Thursday, January 20, 2011

Whew...editing is temporarily over for now. I can breathe.

I have a feeling 2011 is going to be the year of change for me, big change. Or maybe new adventures. A great job opportunity has come along. Lots more money, a top executive position, and I've just decided to accept it. That will mean leaving a job I've been at for 16 years! A big step for me.

The only draw back is it's an almost 2 hour drive one way. That means I will probably have to get a small apartment closer to where it is to stay a couple nights a week. There's no way I can make that commute back and forth every day.

Oh, and, I will need to buy a new wardrobe. Darn it:)

I'm also planning a trip home, to Maine. I haven't been since my dad passed away, ten years ago. I'm really looking forward to it. Most of my family is there but I'm especially close to my cousin, Mary and my step-sister Bim. I'll get as far as NY with a friend and then take the train the rest of the way. Hopefully the route will be a lot more scenic than here in Florida. I took the train to Boca Raton once, just for the experience. What a let down!

I have three books coming out, maybe more if I get motivated! Two are full length romances and one is a Quickie. I did start another short story. I hope you all like those hot little quickies because I love writing them. I used to think I didn't have a short story in me.

I've been thinking about getting a new hairdo, too. I've had the same hair and style for 10 years. My problem is I like simple and easy. Comb, spray and go! And it better last the whole day, too. What's wrong with that? I'll let you know how that turns out.

So, what plans or changes do you have for 2011?


Di said...

just discovered your site thru - glad I did. Congrats on the new job - I have to find one in 2011 too. Mine went offshore, then I was home with my Dad. after he passed, I did houserenovation, but now it's time. Have a great time in Maine. want to get there someday, my mother's family wnt there in the 1600's from England, their name was Jordan.

Tory Richards said...

Welcome from author island, Di. I've been a member for a couple years or so now. DeNita does a lot of work for us authors.

Your family went to Maine in the 1600's but you've never been there? You're missing out. It's a beautiful state. My family name is Fletcher.

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...Congratulations on the new job. It's great that you have a new challenge and have chosen to meet it. Having made the decision, I'd have to say it's something you need to do for yourself and hats off for the courage to do so.

I do, however, believe you will be using the new apartment more than a couple (as in two) nights a week.

I can't imagine a four hour a day commute for anything in the entire world but that's just me and perhaps the metropolitan area I live in. We have rush hour traffic and it's a nightmare stress factor for those with any sort of commute. Weather or accidents bring the already slow traffic to a screeching halt.

The new wardrobe and new "do" could definitely give you a boost. There's nothing that says you can't chose another simple hair style with minimum maintenance. I'm tight with simple and easy.

My plans for 2011, as usual, is to go day to day. I find joy in an uncomplicated simple life. It suits me well.

As you share, I'll follow your new adventures (with all its variables) and toast all the challenges you meet and conquer. ~Nancy

Tory Richards said...

Thank you for your nice post, Nancy. I like simple too. Perhaps too much at times. Especially as I grow older. Low maintenance, that's me baby! But once in a while I get the urge to do something different. I only have a few good years left to work. This move will allow me to put more away for retirement.

You're probably right about the apartment. I've worked it out in my head that 3 nights a week will be more realistic.

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