Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Welcome Renee Vincent

We have a guest with us today folks, and I'm glad she took the time to stop by. She has a brand new release out this month and it sounds intriguing!

A tortured soul…

Breandán Mac Liam, the strapping young hunter from Ireland’s lush forests, is in love with Mara, an ineligible beautiful princess. For seven long years, he has been vividly haunted by her memory, taunted by the throes of his heartache. And not even the thought of her marriage to a Northman can extinguish the fierce, burning desire running rampant through his heart and soul.

An innocent heart…

Mara, the spirited Connacht princess, has no idea she is the object of the Irishman’s longing. She is living out her days on Inis Mór, raising a troubled son and trying to endure the cruel loneliness that afflicts her.

A deadly secret…

Ordered by the king on his deathbed, Breandán must return to Mara and bring her through the perilous lands of Connacht to fulfill her father’s last dying wish. But as their worlds collide, Breandán not only finds himself wrapped in the arms of Mara’s embrace, but thrown into a struggle to defend his honor.

With Mara caught between the family she loves and the father she knows, can Breandán uncover the mystery of her past and still protect her from a secret that threatens them all?

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Virginia C said...

Hello, ladies! What a double delight to say hello to two of my favorite authors! Renee, congrats on the release of "Mac Liam"! I so look forward to reading Breandán's story! I have to wait until next year to read "The Fall of Rain", the conclusion of your amazing "Emerald Isle Trilogy". You also have a contemporary release next year--"Silent Partner"! Sounds terrific!

Tory, you continue to offer great "heat with heart" romantic reads, and I wish you much success! Kiss the grandbabies for me : )

Renee Vincent said...

Thanks Virginia! What a nice surprise to see you here and hear your little promo plug for my future works. You are a doll!

Tory, thanks so much for featuring me today. I am honored to be on your blog.

Tina Donahue said...

Hey, Renee - great books by a great author!! :)

Renee Vincent said...

Thanks Tina! Your support is so uplifting!

Katalina Leon said...

I felt a wave of beautiful heartache just from reading the blurb!
Mac Liam sounds wonderful.
Lovely creation Renee!

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Renee, I love tortured men and Liam looks like a perfect hero in the tortured category.

The Viking Princess said...

Hey Renee! Thanks you for giving us two wonderful stories, Raeliksen and Mac Liam. Two books with two very different types of hero's. Yes, there's a little something for everyone. If you love the aplha males then your gonna fall in love with Dægan in Raeliksen and if your into those beta males then you will loose your heart to Breandán Mac Liam.
By the way I love your new book trailer for Mac Liam http://www.reneevincent.com/2010/01/mac-liam.html

diva donna said...

I love the blurb, and this sounds like another great read for me. I love lots of Irish stew and steam and HEA's. Thanks Tory for giving this new author to check out.

Sky Purington said...

Had to pop over and say hello! As you already know, Renee, your books sound absolutely fabulous to me!!! (((cyberhugs)))

Tory, so nice to 'meet' you. Your books sound super as well!


Tory Richards said...

Thank you Virginia. As for giving the grandbabies a kiss, do I have to? LOL You bet I will!

Tory Richards said...

It was my pleasure, Renee. I wish you much success!

Tory Richards said...

Thank you Sky! Nice meeting you, too:)

Renee Vincent said...

Katalina:Breandán definitely feels heartache and the reason I love this trilogy is because we get two heroes who are so different from each other, but are both willing to go the length for love. True love hath no boundaries...

Sarah: Tortured heroes are the best, indeed! Thanks for visiting with me.

Viking Princess: I was hoping you'd see that book trailer. So glad you like it. And thanks for posting the link to the trailer. You are one of my promo plug queens!

Diva Donna: It's so nice to meet a new reader. Thank you for coming by and checking out my latest release. I can honestly say, if you like medieval romance and steamy Irish stew, then this trilogy is chock full of all that and more.

Sky:Right back at you babe! (((hugs))) to you too! Thanks for coming by.

Tory: Wow, what fun I've had here today! Thanks so much for offering me this opportunity and you know, you are always welcome at my blog, Past The Print.
Thank you again for your hospitality. I will not forget this day.

Nancy Bristow said...

Mac Liam sounds like a great read. I love both types of heroes...alpha and beta plus all the elements of romance attributed to your books. Glad you were introduced to us by Debbie (aka Tory).

Renee Vincent said...

Why thank you, Nancy! It was a pleasure to be here and I'm so glad Tory offered. If you happen to read my trilogy, do let me know what you think. I always like to hear readers' feedback.
Nice to meet you and happy reading!