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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


My daughter and son-in-law are already at the hospital. He should be calling anytime now to say baby and mom are doing fine. I'm here at home with Alivia. My plans to be in the delivery room with my daughter, like four years ago, fell through yesterday when we were told no by both the doctor and the wicked witch of the west nurse on duty. I was so bumbed!

No one will even be allowed to see the baby or them until later today when they have a room. What the hell is that all about? Winne Palmer is a great hospital but geeze! What happened to viewing the baby through the nursery window?

I'll post pictures and specifics as soon as I can!


Amy J - Book Addict said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! I bet big sis is anxious too!

Rie McGaha said...

Congratulations, Tory. I hope both mom and baby are doing well. And if it had been me, that dr. and nurse would've had a fight, I have been present at nearly all of my grdchildren's births since number 1 came along in '93 and will be present next May when number 34 gets here!

Rie McGaha

Sandy said...

Congrats Tory! I Hope mom and baby are doing wonderful!!!

Cindy L said...

Congrats Tory!! Sorry to hear that you can't be there for the birth. My mom was there for the birth of both of my boys. Looking forward to the pics!!

diva donna said...

It's so exciting. I hope everyone will be ok. And we'll have a bouncing bundle soon. I hope we see pictures.

Tory Richards said...

VERY anxious and excited Amy. She can't wait for them to come home tomorrow.

Tory Richards said...

Thanks Rie, I let them know I wasn't happy. Do you know they wouldn't even let Alivia stay in the hospital with them over night? They get a private room so the kids naturally thought she would be able to stay with them. Talk about one sad little girl on the way home from the hospital last night.

Did you mean to say 34? Are you kidding?

Tory Richards said...

Mom and baby are doing fine, thanks. Mom's not getting much sleep though. You know how it is in the hospital, the nurses are in there every 5 minutes! LOL

Tory Richards said...

Thanks Cindy! We think one of the reasons they wouldn't let me in this time is because she was a high risk pregnancy.

Tory Richards said...

Pictures are posted diva donna! He's a doll:) Everyone is okay, thanks.

Jane said...

I was in the delivery room when my cousin gave birth. The nurse and doctor let three us stay.

Tory Richards said...

My daughter was a high risk pregnancy plus she had a C-section. That might have been why they said no this time.

I just wanted to be there for support. Poor Damein, he was a basket case!