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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wouldn't you know it? We're having a baby sprinkle for my daughter tomorrow and I have a brand new zit the size of mount Everest on the side of my nose! I guess I'll never outgrow those things! LOL


Victoria said...

A baby sprinkle?? I haven't heard that one!
Do you have glasses to hid the zit? And if she is preggers or just had a baby, she at least should have had enough hormonal changes to give her zits, so she should understand. Not that my perfect sister had any during her pregancies. but that is the theory.

Tory Richards said...

A baby sprinkle because it's her second baby and we had a baby shower for the first one:)

No glasses, and the zit doesn't look so bad this morning. I', on antibiotics for a sinus infection so I think that helps.