Friday, November 19, 2010

Well duh!!! I think I have this whole aging thing figured out. Our minds don't age like our bodies do, and that sucks! I'll be 55 next month. Still a young chickie, in my mind. Yet as I grow older and try to continue doing what I've always done I find it's not as easy as it used to be. And I have aches and pains that remind me of it, too! It's not fair that my mind still thinks and makes me act like I'm twenty. Goodness, will I still feel like this when I'm seventy? I hope so.

My mom used to say, why don't you grow up? I guess I don't act my age and never have. I enjoy life and find humor in almost everything I do. I express it, too. If that makes me immature then I embrace the title with pleasure! I'm having fun and I'm not hurting anyone.

I was always the fun mom and I want to be the fun grandma. For Halloween I had my toenails painted orange and black. I think I'll do green and red for Christmas!


diva donna said...

Excellent Idea!!! I'm looking for Red and Green Toe nail and fingernail polish too. I'm with you. Th's why Nancy and I call ourselves Yah Yahs(Young a Heart) Our Motto is: Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss Slowly, Love Truly, Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile.
And I don't regret for one minute reading your juicy stories. They really make me smile like a Chesire Cat.

Tory Richards said...

LOL...I actually cheat when it comes to painting my toes. I get a pedicure every three weeks and I had her do it for me:) All she did was paint my toes orange and tipped them with black. Then she added a top coat of clear polish that had shiny black bits in it. Came out cool!

Nancy is a trip! She doesn't candy coat it and cracks me up with some of her comments. Now, if we could only get her to read ebooks.

I'm glad you enjoy my stories. I enjoy writing and sharing them.

Nancy Bristow said...

Ah my two lovelies...I've been busy chasing down postcards for my great niece and looking at hot man bods.

I just changed my own toenail polish from whore dog red to slut mauve. On occasion I also treat myself to pedicures.

Check it out my dear fellow YAH-YAH women...on my mission to find postcards I went to B&N...well okay, I also wanted to get some books too. They didn't carry postcards BUT on my way out the door I stopped to check out the nook display, which when I break down and get an e-reader will be what I choose.

So, for real this decision to stop and investigate had some perks and I swear to you it was in all innocence. The young man who is normally there handling demos and answering questions offered to show me what was what. I did mention that my friend Donna had a nook (and nookie) and how pleased she was with it.

My friends, he was SO young but such a cutie pie. He had the most beautiful eyes and the nicest smile PLUS we had a delightful conversation with lots of laughs. It was one of those rare living in the moment times that I love. I'm not often taken with real life men, young or old, because they're just not that interesting but damn...he was just so adorable and could carry on a real conversation.

He didn't hit on me because our age difference was so obvious nor push for the sale but it seemed like he genuinely enjoyed our conversation. I had told him up front that I was at the information stage about the nook and now wanted a hands-on demo. Bottom line here...when I'm ready, I now know the exact model and accessories that will work best for me.

What can I say, when I'm ready to buy I will make sure George gets the sale. It's just a shame I can't give him 35 years or so;) ~Nancy:)

Nancy Bristow said...

P.S. So you're right Debbie, our minds do not age like our bodies and it more than sucks! And, to answer your question...yes, the mind remains as young as you allow it...even at 70;)