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Saturday, November 13, 2010


Night Owl Reviews said...

This was a smoking hot read. If you have capture fantasies, this will be a keeper for sure. Alexis and Reid have great chemistry, and while they’ve tip toed around one another they both know that they could have something special. When the restraints are removed and they are able to connect physically it becomes obvious that this is more than a short-term thing. With danger and disaster looming, the edge of desire is that much more intense and made this a spectacular read.

Reviewed by Cris


diva donna said...

Holy Cow!!! I'm ready for more. I just finished "Talk Dirty to Me" and wanted some more Hawt wall banging sex. You delivered. So I'm ready To read "Breathless Surrender" and i ordered every book in my B&N E-Book library of yours. you have made a new fan. I need a fan after reading this book. My Friend Nancy B.
recommended you. She knows all the good authors.

diva donna said...

I just read "Breathless Surrender" It melted the 8 inches of snow we received today. It left me Breathless and wanting more of your books. I think I'm looking for a Cowboy in jeans now. I found one. Later!!!

Victoria said...

Wait..."When the restraints are removed"...no said anything about restraints to me! Where do we sign up?

Ok, just had to tease you! Congrats on the great review! You earned it!

Jane said...

Congrats on the great review.

Sandy said...

Congrats Tory on the great review!!

Nancy Bristow said...

Hey Debbie...I was going to tell you about the wonderful UNSOLICITED comments I received from my friend Donna about Talk Dirty to Me but I see she's already been here. *huge grin*

Not only that, she wrote me again the following day and said she went to her nook library and downloaded everything else of yours there. What a wonderful compliment and one I know you're thrilled to receive because I've known you long enough to know how much you appreciate your readers:) Aww...shucks!

I did let her know that you have books written under Debbie Wallace as well as Tory Richards. Even obsessed readers don't automatically know when a favorite author writes under more than one name ~ been there and got the t-shirt;)

Diva Donna is a wonderful cyber reader-friend of mine and many others on another blog. She has many life talents ~ and always with a wicked sense of humor ~ but mostly her friends think of her as a treasure.

Later my friend....Nancy:)

Tory Richards said...

LOL, why thank you for making my day diva donna! Always nice to meet a new fan:)

That was so sweet of Nancy to recommend me. She's a book nut so I don't even know if she's read any of my Ellora's Cave Quickies. I'm glad you liked Talk Dirty to Me and hope you enjoy the others.


Tory Richards said...

LOL...goodness I can't believe you read Breathless Surrender before I even got the chance to respond to your first note.

You live up north somewhere? Most of my family is in Maine. So we know all about snow:)

Tory Richards said...

Thank you Victoria:) I hope Breathless Surrender is as well received as Talk Dirty to Me was. I'm just about ready to finish up on what I hope will be my third Quickie.

Tory Richards said...

Thanks Jane and Sandy!

Tory Richards said...

Nancy my friend, thank you so much for talking my books to your friends. Donna made my day, not only for downloading my other books but for her wonderful comments. It thrills me when a ready enjoys my stories, and actually inspires me to want to write more.

If she likes mostly erotic I hope you warned her that my Debbie Wallace books are a little tame:) Wouldn't want her to be disappointed. LOL

diva donna said...

I've read "I?ts All IN THE JEANS" now too. I can't believe IT fit in those jeans. LOL, And that was so much better than watching football. But I wasn't kidding when I said you heated up the place with these stories. My Nook has a hairline crack in the frame. It must be because of me turning pages so fast and furious. Thanks again Nancy for turning me onto Tory AKA Debbie.
I'm a eclectic reader. I'm always reading. All sorts. So I bet I'll like your other stories. You seem to have a good way of giving personality and life to characters. People I want to know. I felt "I?t's all in the Jeans" had more character buildup and story than the first 2 stories. That dang Rufus too. I'd liked that I got too know the characters much more. Now I'm going after a Cowboy. Then I might have to go back to a paranormal for a few books. I love Wolf Shifters. And that firefighter Logan made me hunger for my Wolves again. He was rather wolfish. LOL

Tory Richards said...

I'm so glad that you're injoying my stories, Donna. You don't know how much it thrills and means to us when a reader praises our work.

Sorry about the crack in your nook...maybe I should add a disclaimer or something? LOL

diva donna said...

Well, B&N came THROUGH. They sent me a replacement Nook at no charge.
I told them to put a disclamer on your E-books. TOO MUCH NOOKIE FOR NOOKS!!! and I thought only Vampires had Silver Eyes. But now you give me a tough Cowboy that reminds me of a Vampire, but Chase is really hot blooded and Alive. I'll be careful with my new Nook. But this book is smoking HOT and I'm slowly turning the pages and savoring so as not to damage my new NOOK. LOL

Tory Richards said...

Too much nookie for nooks...too funny! Some of my books are offered in print. Nancy doesn't like ebooks. I get the impression you're okay with them, am I right?