Friday, November 5, 2010

Quilt Weather

I love it! It's supposed to get down to 47 degrees tonight. I already have the windows open and I've added a couple extra quilts on the bed. One of them is over a hundred years old, and made by my great grandmother. Alivia is spending the night with me and commented that she likes that quilt. Little does she know she'll someday inherit it.

Fall is my favorite time of year, and when the weather begins to cool it's a welcome change for us Floridians. The cats seem to enjoy the change, too. They sit in front of the window, taking in the fresh outdoor air. Jezzie is running around right now, all frisky and playful.

We'll sleep in late in the morning, Alivia and I snuggling beneath the covers. And when I can drag my old butt out of our warm cocoon I'll make my favorite Barnie's Santa's White Christmas coffee, and settle in my old chair for a day of syfy.


Sandy said...

Hope you enjoy yourself!! I also love this time of the year too i dont think my cats do though they dont seem to like the drop in temperature they are always hiding under something to stay warmer :)

Victoria said...

Don't you love cudling up under blankets with hot tea or cocoa and reading all day or watching TV all night. I love went it get cold enough for a good snuggle!
My poor cats are getting old enough that they think I have gone crazy and crawl under the covers before I do! But that's just more loving.

Tory Richards said...

Mine too Sandy. Either hiding under something or they're cuddling together on top of me! LOL

Tory Richards said...

LOL...I only have one cat that likes cuddling beneath the covers. One favors my chest and the other likes to sleep with his butt in my face.