Monday, October 11, 2010

My Bucket List

I bet we all have things we'd all like to do before we die. When I received a concussion last weekend after falling and hitting my head, let me tell you it got me to thinking. I recalled a friend's husband at work recently lost his best friend from hitting his head, and not seeing a doctor about it. He was gone like a week later. Then I recalled the awful story of Natasha Richardson. So I let my daughter take me to the hospital.

For one God awful moment I found myself thinking, what if I'm not here tomorrow? Which was immediately followed with the thought of not seeing my grandson come into the world next month.

What if...? What about the things I'd like to do before I die? Simple things really. Some I've already accomplished. Others I may never get to, but it's nice to have goals.

find my soul mate
publish a book
travel to Ireland

watch my grandkids grow up
see my granddaughter get married
ride in a hot air balloon
have children
retire from work
lose weight and keep it off

see 80

What's in your bucket list?


Anonymous said...

lose 67 more pounds &
to watch my 4 daughters grow up and get married.

Deb said...

Great list. Those epiphany moments can be quite the wake up call.

Two from my list:
~lose weight (constant battle that I'm constantly losing)
~travel the world with my daughter

Sandy said...

get married
have a family
see 100

Tory Richards said...

Wow Regina! Four daughters? You must have your hands full. I would love to have had more kids but God only blessed me with one. I'm not complaining, I couldn't have asked for a better daughter:)

Tory Richards said...

I hear you on the weight loss battle, Deb. I'm in the same darn club! My daughter is my travel buddy, too.

Tory Richards said...

See 100! That's some goal Sandy, and these days not unattainable. People are living a lot longer now. I just lost my last aunt and she was 101 when she passed.

Jane said...

Traveling the world is on the top of my list.

Tory Richards said...

That's a BIG one Jane! I hope you get your wish:) Do you want to do it all at once or in spurts?