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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Have you ever noticed...

...when someone is running through the woods in a horror movie, to find help, that they run right to a house where the rest of the so called bad guy's family lives?



yep thats true

Sandy said...

yes!! how funny

Tara W said...

You are so right. It also never fails that they trip and fall while running through the woods. Oh, how I love horror movies.

Nancy Bristow said...

Well my friend...I don't watch horror movies so.... I don't do horror books either. Diverse taste and all of that;) ~Nancy

Victoria said...

and when someone is trying to escape anyone or anything, reg movie not just horror, they run directly away. My hubby and I are always yelling at the TV: "Run side-ways!" Usually the car can't turn off-road, the dino or big robot can't see around the building, etc IF ONLY the good guy would turn and RUN SIDE-WAYS.
Not that we wouldn't be panicing in the same sitution, but still!