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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

There are still some nice people left in the world! I was in the hardware section of Lowe's Tuesday night. Yes, I said I was done making trips there but found I still needed some things like caulking, stain and I had to have a closet rod cut. So I'm standing there, looking at about 500 different kinds of caulking and having no clue what to buy, when a handsome young man stops.

Smiling, he says, "I can see that I don't know what I'm doing look on your face, do you need help?"

"Yes please! I need caulking and have no clue which one to get."

He asked me what I needed it for. I told him. He quickly picked out five tubes of it in five seconds flat. After I'd been standing there for ten minutes staring at it.

"Can I help you with anything else?"

I glanced down at my list. And proceeded to tell him what I was looking for, and he proceeded to help me as if he had all the time in the world. All the while a smile on his face. I couldn't help notice he had the biggest brown eyes! When I was done I thanked him, and he turned and walked away. It was then I looked at him, really looked at him.

He wasn't wearing the typical orange vest Lowe's personal wear. He was wearing shorts, a tee-shirt, and had a pencil tucked behind his ear. And it hit me, he didn't even work for Lowe's! I watched him walk toward the lumber section in awe.

You just don't get that kind of thing much these days. Where a stranger will go out of his way to help you, without being asked. His kindness made me feel so good inside. Even better when I realized he was just another shopper like me.

I might just go back to Lowe's again...now:)


Asylumgirl said...

That is nice! Unfortunately, you tend to get more help out of folks who are in the same predicament as you rather than the people who should actually be helping you. Go figure!

Plus smiles and big brown eyes go a log way. lol


Asylumgirl said...

Oops, I meant long way. Can you tell it's getting late here?

Joann said...

Good for you! You're sure right, its not often someone will help you like that.

Nancy Bristow said...

Okay, I'm in love.

Tory Richards said...

Sad but true Deidre. Seems good customer service is slowly dwindling away and we're left to fend for ourselves.

Tory Richards said...

Not often Joann but it sure feels good when it does!

Tory Richards said...

LOL...you would have been all over him Nancy:)

Nancy Bristow said...

I can work with that;)

marybelle said...

I have been having a run of meeting amazing & incredibly helpful people lately. Something in the air perhaps??


Allison('s)Reads said...

That is a feel-good story Tory! I have recently decided to no longer patronize stores that have inadequate staffing/overworked staff that are too grumpy to be of any assistance anyways...