Monday, September 27, 2010

All the Right Moves

I'm so excited! I received my author's copy in the mail today and it's in my hot little hands! The release date is October 8th but you can order a print copy now.

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Excerpt -

“Maybe we can work in a swim later.” After dark. Marshall reached her just as two joggers running down the beach came into view. They could be neighbors but they were too far away for him to be sure. He wasn’t taking any chances and grabbed Annie by the shoulders pulling her up against him.

A gasp rushed through her parted lips when their hips collided. Her head fell back and she met his eyes. “What are you doing?” Her tone was a little breathless.

Good question, because he must have lost his mind, touching Annie like he was. What he felt in the following seconds should be outlawed. An instant rush of desire flooded his senses, making him all too aware of the soft body pressed against his, her womanly curves against every tense muscle. Intense feelings from their episode in bed resurfaced with startling clarity.

Staring down at her soft mouth, it occurred to Marshall that he wanted to kiss Annie at that moment, more than he wanted to breathe. He sucked in his breath.

“What is it?” she asked, humor dancing in her eyes. “Are we in trouble?”

The amusement in her tone drew his gaze back to hers. Big trouble. And it didn’t have anything to do with the joggers who were approaching. How could any man in their right mind ignore a beautiful woman flush against him, and not kiss her? Marshall was through fighting her allure.

“You are, lady. Big trouble. I want to finish what we started this morning, but for now I’ll settle for a kiss.” Before she had time to draw another breath, Marshall slanted his mouth over hers, stealing a long awaited kiss. As soon as he tasted the sweetness and innocence of her lush mouth, he knew it would never be enough.

He could tell he’d caught her off guard. She stiffened against him. He felt her hands move between them and pulled back to meet her eyes, expecting to see a sign that she was protesting. The only thing he saw was desire in her smoky gaze.

“Just one kiss?” There was no denying the husky quality of her tone.

Damn…he hadn’t been expecting that. A chuckle, then a low groan escaped him when Annie’s fingers curled into the material of his shirt, over his chest.

“Never one to disappoint a lady...” He lowered his head and returned his mouth to hers. He wanted to feel the softness of her breasts against him, not her hands. He caught both her wrists and brought them around to the small of her back where he held them securely with one hand.

To the casual observer, they looked like a couple sharing a passionate embrace. His free hand moved to the back of her head, releasing the clip that held her silky hair and dropping it to the floor to let his fingers tangle through the silky tresses.

It didn’t take long for the persuasion of his kiss to melt away any resistance, and Annie was kissing him back whole heartedly. She opened her mouth eagerly beneath his, inviting his tongue inside and loving it with her own. Their simultaneous moans and the combined heat of their mouths fueled the need growing between them at a rapid rate. In a movement that could be construed as a slow caress, Marshall released her wrists.

He lowered his hands to the rounded half moons of her denim-clad bottom and gently kneaded. Annie arched hungrily against him, showing him that she found pleasure in what he was doing. As the mutual sounds of their passion joined the cries of the ever-present seagulls, she made a half-hearted effort to turn her face away. Only Marshall wasn’t about to let her escape. He followed her with his mouth, kissing her until they were both a little breathless.

He broke it and followed the arch of her exposed throat, leaving a trail of passionate kisses. Then, moving back up to the shell of her ear, he paused long enough to suckle the soft skin beneath until she was a quivering wildly in his arms. He sucked in his breath sharply when she gently arched against his erection, which had grown to full arousal and was throbbing strongly. He thrust right back, moaning low, wanting nothing more than to sink his hungry flesh into her. The urge to lower her to the deck and continue making love to her was winning over doing what was right. Forgotten were the joggers or anyone else who might be on the beach.

Marshall couldn’t recall the last time he’d been turned on to the point of wanting to take a woman no matter where they were. Yet even in his heightened state, he knew that was a dangerous road to go down. As he struggled with indecision, his mouth trailed kisses along the exposed flesh above her opened blouse. He dipped his tongue into her cleavage. The sound of her pleasure sent a rolling blast of sexual energy through his body that erupted into a hungry flame. He was lost.


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