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Saturday, August 21, 2010

I hate Lowes!

If I go to it one more time in this life span it will be too soon. I swear since the construction work began in the garage I've been almost every day. I guess it's every man's favorite store. And do you think they'd make a list and go there once for everything they need? Nooooooooooo...the contractor doing my work likes to go daily for his fix.

Today was it. It's been a week and he said he could get the job done in a week. So when he arrived this morning I was ready. Got your list of everything you need? I asked. Yep, he says. Then I warn him, this is it, the last trip, right? Only an idiot would ignore the obvious threat in my tone. For today, he had the nerve to say, smiling. Which only forced me to say more firmly, no, this is it. I'm not coming back here so get what you need to finish up the job.

I can't complain about the work he's done, though. I've watched him and he's done a top notch job. Much more than I contracted him for, and he didn't ask for any more money. Most of the extras he just did on his own, even though it did cost me more in materials. So I'm going to give him more money anyway. My conscience won't let me take advantage of his work ethics to do it right.

Monday should be the last day. Happy day!


Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...Grit your teeth my friend...the end's in sight. It's a real plus that your contractor is competent and work ethics a gem:) ~Nancy

Tory Richards said...

I'm gritting Nancy! I'm gritting:)