Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's All in the Jeans...excerpt

Recalling her tears, he walked up to the door, telling himself all he wanted to do was make sure she was okay. He opened the screen door and rapped his knuckles against the door, listening for movement on the other side. It sounded like the TV was on. He waited, and then knocked again. And that’s when Logan heard Libby scream. Not once, but several ear piercing shrieks in rapid succession.

He didn’t hesitate. Adrenaline kicked into overdrive and he pushed the door open, rushing into the kitchen and beyond. Her screams directed him toward the back of the house where he knew the bedrooms were located. He came to the end of the hallway where it split off, leading to two bedrooms. He halted.

“Libby! Where are you?”


He could clearly hear the surprise in her tone. He followed her voice into one of the rooms, his eyes taking in his surroundings, not seeing Libby anywhere. Then his gaze landed on something on the floor that was straight out of a sci-fi movie. It appeared to be the melted form of a human body, and Logan knew immediately that it had to be Libby’s body suit.

“Shoo…don’t move!” He heard her say in a tone thick with alarm. “I’m in the bathroom!” she hollered. “Please hurry!”

Logan sprinted to the open door on the other side of the room, halting in the threshold. His eyes zeroed in on Libby immediately. She was standing on the commode, hiding behind a small pink towel that didn’t disguise the fact she was naked. Her hair was loose, resembling a wildfire out of control. Their eyes met briefly. He acknowledged the fear in hers before movement out of the corner of his eye caused him to lower his gaze to the floor.

Coiled in the corner next to the door was a black snake he gauged to be about three feet long. He knew at once it wasn’t poisonous.

“I was just about to take a shower when I saw it,” Libby gasped from her position. “Get it out but don’t hurt it.” She looked damn cute cowering there, terrified of the reptile yet concerned for its safety at the same time.

Grinning, Logan’s eyes met hers again. “Afraid of a little snake?”

“Afraid of any snake!”

He bent to grab it.

“Don’t hurt it!” she reminded him sharply.

He halted, glancing back at her, a thought coming to mind. “What’s it worth to you if I don’t hurt it?” He shouldn’t have, but he purposely let his eyes drop down her body and back up again. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen Libby naked, only there was something very sexy about her trying to hide behind an inadequate towel. The curve of her breasts was visible at the sides, as was the indentation of her waist and curve of her hips.

His visual caress continued, taking in the length of her shapely thighs and legs beneath the edge of the pink cloth. He felt a stirring south of his belt but ignored it. He hadn’t come there to make love to Libby. His eyes darted back up to hers. She knew what she was doing to him. He’d started out teasing her, only the joke was on him the second she dropped her towel.


There was nothing innocent about Libby, not her breathless exclamation or the brazen fire blazing in her eyes. A laugh burst from Logan, echoing sharply against the small tiled walls. All the while his eyes roamed over her perfect form like a starved man, gaining nourishment through his sense of sight. She gasped, blushing.

It occurred to Logan that she might be embarrassed over her daring move. His eyes returned to hers, not missing the impish gleam shining in them. There wasn’t a shy bone in Libby’s body. She stood there proudly, all but daring Logan to do something about it. She was a bewitching witch, turning the tables on him before he saw it coming.

Arousal exploded through him like fireworks on the Fourth of July. “You’re playing with fire,” he croaked.

“You started it.”

She was right. Only before he could do anything about it the snake began to uncoil from its position, drawing both their attention.


He quickly scooped the reptile up from the floor, thankful for the interruption. Libby had too much power over him. It was bad enough he couldn’t be around her five minutes without wanting her, but she was also messing with his mind, and worse, his heart. Ignoring the hunger she’d unleashed, he left the room to get rid of the snake. It didn’t take him long to reach the side door that lead to the back of the house. Opening it, he set the snake down on the first step and closed the door again.

By the time he made it back to the bedroom he heard the water running, realizing Libby was in the shower. Logan hesitated, struggling between continuing into the bathroom and turning around to leave. His hard-on decided it for him. He kicked off his shoes while reaching for the hem to his shirt. He whipped it over his head, tossing it on her bed as he walked by. Without missing a move his hands moved to his belt, quickly unbuckling it and bringing the zipper down. He reached the bathroom doorway, taking a moment to roll his jeans down and kick them away.

He paused, enjoying the sight of Libby behind the frosted glass of the shower door. He could see enough to know she was rinsing her hair. Then she reached for the body wash, and with hungry eyes Logan watched her run the soapy puff over her neck and down her breasts. His penis jumped as though saying, what are you waiting for? What was he waiting for? When her hands glided down to the dark curls between her legs his knees grew weak with desire. He opened the door. Libby’s hands halted. The invitation was in her eyes. Logan stepped into the stall and closed the door behind him.

Words weren’t necessary. The look on her face told him Libby was already turned on. Her lips were parted, her eyes half closed. Her nipples were like rosy berries against her quivering breasts. Streams of soap trailed down her body as it was rinsed away with the spray of water falling on her. His gaze dropped, taking in her shapely form, the glistening hair between her legs. He reached out, wrapping an arm around her tiny waist and jerking her against him.

Her head fell back, a sharp gasp escaping her. Logan swooped down and covered her mouth with his. That was all it took for the passion to erupt between them. And they were kissing like it was their first, their last. Sounds of mutual pleasure filled the room as their tongues battled in a dance as old as time. Logan thrust his hips, his full erection jabbing between Libby’s quivering thighs. His hands closed over her breasts, squeezing gently. But it was Libby’s gentle hands cupping his balls that pushed him over the edge.

A fire of need fueled his blood with a gut-wrenching need. His hands moved to Libby’s waist and he pushed her away. Their eyes met. They were both gasping for breath. Then Logan flipped her around and pushed her against the wall. Her gasp was a mixture of pleasure and surprise. He could only imagine how the cool tile felt against her hot, wet flesh, her stimulated nipples. His hands caressed down her arms. He took hold of her wrists and slowly pulled her arms up until her palms were flush against the tile over her head.

Logan leaned into her, his hard flesh eager to explore the soft folds of her buttocks. Libby cried out softly and tried to turn around, but he held her firmly in place. His heart was pounding like a jackhammer and he leaned in close, running his open mouth along the side of her throat up to her ear. His teeth nibbled at her lobe as he whispered, “Am I hurting you?”

“God, no!” Libby gasped, shuddering wildly. As though to prove her point she thrust her bottom back into his erection, rotating her hips. A soft moan escaped her, a groan escaped him.

Logan slowly released her wrists, confident now that she would remain where he wanted her. His hands trailed down her arms and shoulders, continuing down her sides and over her hips. Libby twitched, causing him to smile.


She nodded.

His hands glided smoothly around to the front of her, his fingers splaying over her flesh as they moved along. Ever so slowly his hands smoothed downward, between Libby’s thighs, then back up to the most intimate part of her. She quivered beneath his touch, gasping sharply when his fingers slipped inside her, teasing her, testing her. Driving her wild.



Nancy Bristow said...

Anybody who hasn't read "It's All in the Jeans" yet is in for a treat....Nancy:)

Tory Richards said...

Thank you my friend!