Saturday, July 10, 2010

If you've ever done remodeling at your house then you can probably relate, and yes sympathize, with what we're going through right now. I had three contractors come out yesterday to look at what we want done and to give estimates. When the first one arrived, three minutes early, my daughter laughed and said, he's a keeper! (The one we had come out last week was supposed to be here at 9:00, at 2:00 he called and said he forgot.) The other two were almost as prompt, but none of them had the same things to say.

We're converting the garage into a room, taking down the garage doors and replacing it with a double set of french doors. A wall will also have to be added to box in the water heater and air conditioner unit. I'll do my own painting and the carpet will be installed last.

There is one outside wall that will need to be insulated, another that only half will need to be done. Two contractors said we needed insulation in that half wall, one said it was already insulated. One said we needed electrical outlets every 6 feet, another said every 8 feet. One mentioned the septic tank might not be big enough and of course I said, there isn't going to be a bathroom in the room. He said it didn't matter, it went by the size of the house. One contractor said he could do the job in one week, another said three days and the third said it would take him three weeks.

This morning when my daughter went to pick up the portable air conditioner unit I bought she asked for the spec sheets on the french doors we bought. She was told there aren't any because the doors aren't hurricane resistant. Now these are outside doors, why in the world would they (a big home builder supply place who will remain nameless) sell outside doors that aren't hurricane resistant, if the county requires it when you're building?

So now I might have to return them for something else because the first contractor said the inspector will require them to be hurricane proof. Or change my plans, which we do have another option.

Monday I will receive their bids. My daughter and I really liked contractor number one so I'm hoping I can work something out with him. Keep your fingers crossed that this project will only cost an arm, and not an arm and a leg:)

Hope everyone has a terrific, stress free weekend!


LuAnn said...

Oh, can I ever sympathize with what you're going through. We've been working for several years on remodeling projects around our home. We're doing them ourselves as time and $$$ allow. How I wish I could have a contractor come in and just get it all done! But I'm not sure if I could put up with them.

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...Four words: Just Kill Me Now....Nancy:)

Tory Richards said...

We haven't even begun and are already facing challenges, LuAnn! What we thought would be a fairly easy project is turning into a nightmare.

Tory Richards said...

LOL...I take it you've been there?

Nancy Bristow said...

Let's just say, familiar with the routine. Probably the biggest complaint that I've heard throughout life on projects such as them (and we can include "repair" work as well) is that the worker bees all seem to be on an alien time clock.

I understand they're juggling numerous customers and a thousand variables come into it BUT that's their issue. If they want a happy customer and "word of mouth" references, then best they pay attention and meet those deadlines they've looked you in the face and swore were etched in stone. Just saying....Nancy:)

Tory Richards said...

If you say you're gonna do something then do it, in the time you said you could do it. I'm not the most patient person in the world, especially once the time given has come and gone. Had a pool put in once, never again! Took weeks!