Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Whew! I tell you my days are flying by. And I'm so busy! Trying to finish up a third erotic romance, putting in long hours at work, keeping hair, dentist and doctor appointments after work, and traveling back and forth to my daughter's place in Deltona. That's a good hour away from work and two hours from my home in Winter Haven. They finally closed on their first home and now we're painting and cleaning before they move in.

I'm so happy for them. It's a beautiful brick front home but the prior owners loved green and the carpet and walls reflect that. Not that there's anything wrong with green but it's too much! And a princess needs a pink room. So we started in Alivia's bed room and now it's pink and white. Looks cute. As soon as we find out what the new baby will be we'll paint the second bedroom accordingly.

My son-in-law is busy doing the man thing. Making trips to Home Depot for supplies, hooking up the appliances in the kitchen. Working on the pool and outside. He'll have his hands full the next few weeks re-shaping the landscaping.

I found out this weekend that I'm not as young and bendy as I used to be:) I might not be cut out for climbing a ladder to paint anymore but I'm at least handy when it comes to babysitting!


Nancy Bristow said...

"Ain't" it the truth....Nancy:)

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...Have you been posting on this blog a day or so later than the real date? It's Wednesday, June 9, 7:35pm EST and Wednesday's blog isn't up yet. No big deal but it's been happening to me for several weeks now and I'm curious....Nancy

Tory Richards said...

Hey Nancy, not quite sure what you mean. I've skipped a couple days posting lately because I've been so busy. And I didn't have a post for this Wednesday. Is it just my blog that you've noticed this happening to?

Tory Richards said...

...okay my friend, I ended up posting today (Wed) after I told you I didn't (below). My aim in life is to keep you confused:)