Monday, June 28, 2010

Stress Relief for Cats

Did you know they have stress relief medicine for cats? Want to know how I know that? I took Woofy into the vet today because I was concerned. The last three weekends I've spent in Deltona with my daughter and her family. That's when he started peeing in my chair. Then this past weekend when I returned he wouldn't come to me when I called. Very unusual that I had to go in search of him. He also had a sick tummy.

I couldn't decide if he was mad at me for not being around weekends, or had come down with something. turns out that he's stressed over my being gone. Woofy and I have a daily ritual. He's waiting for me in the window every day, then runs to the door to greet me, and finally ends up on my bed where I love on him for a moment. He's always been affectionate and demanding of my time.

The doctor said it's possible he doesn't like the change in routine. He checked out fine. Cost me a small fortune the little rat! I got a bottle of stress relief and something to clean my chair with. There's no way I'm going to try and squeeze the medicine down his throat three times a day so I added it to his water, which was also an option. I figured, it won't hurt the other two that they're drinking it, too.


Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...Poor Woofy. I'd say he seriously missed you and you DID mess with the routine, which was obviously so not cool with him. *snort* ~Nancy:)

Tory Richards said...

Thank goodness he's better now. But I swear, that evening when we got home from the vet Jezzie was hissing up a storm! Seems she was mad, too. She hissed at anything that moved, and when I held her she actually growled at me. I was thankful to wake this morning to all three of them in bed with me.

Hubby says they're all spoiled.

Nancy Bristow said...

Well, duh:)

Tory Richards said...