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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Reader Review!

You know, I love hearing from readers, especially when you enjoy my books. And when you take the time to basically send me a review it means more to me than you know. Please, keep them coming!

Hi Tory,

Blackraven's Erotic Cafe emailed The Cowboy Way to me last Friday evening and I stayed up until two o'clock in the morning reading it. What a great romance. I enjoyed every moment of the story and found the epilogue (deleted by me...there has to be some surprises!) to be a most perfect and satisfying ending. That was the first of your books that I have read and I look forward to reading many more.



Amy J - Book Addict said...

What a sweet email. I LOVE your books as well! But you already know that! LOL

Nancy Bristow said...

Me too! ~Nancy

-Book Lovers Delight said...

Hi Tory-

I am thinking I need to run out and get some of your books like yesterday! Can't wait to read them!!


-Book Lovers Delight said...
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-Book Lovers Delight said...


I would love to exchange blog links.

And I just thought of something. Would you like to do an author spotlight on BLD? I've read some excerpts from some of your books and I am intrigued. I would like to spread the word about your books.

Let me know if you are interested.

You can contact Book Lovers Delight at BkLoversDelight@gmail.com and leave me your info.

- Karina

Tory Richards said...

Hi Amy, and thanks. Hope you enjoy the latest:)

You, too Nancy! I know you prefer paperbacks but Talk Dirty to Me is only 50 pages...you can do it:)

I hope you get the chance to read some of them Elizabeth. I'd love to hear from you if you do.

Hi Karina, I checked out your hot blog last night...did you design it? It's beautiful! I sent you an email:)

-Book Lovers Delight said...

We are super excited to have the honor of doing an author spotlight with you. Expect an email sometime this weekend with our interview questions =)

Looking forward to reading your books, they look amazing!


P.S. Yeah I did design BLD, with Karina's help!

Tory Richards said...

Well, you ladies certainly did a great job on your site. I'll look for your email.