Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Give me a break!

You know what ticks me off more that hearing some skinny woman say, "I forgot to eat today?" It's, "I need to lose a few pounds, my pants are getting tight!" You look at them in their skinny pants with no hips and ass and grit your teeth. Honestly, I think they say crap like that just to bring attention to themselves.

I work with a gal who says she needs to lose weight once in a while. Five years younger than me she looks great in my eyes. But at least her explanation makes sense, while not making me feel like a whale. She says, "It's not how I look, but how I feel."


Mindy said...

She's exactly right :-) It IS how you feel. I am overweight and while I dont care how much my weight is I DO care about how I look and feel in my skin LOL

I guess it isnt the number it's the mirror ROTFL

Tory Richards said...

LOL...I agree with my friend, too. I've always had a weight problem so it's hard to hear someone wearing a size 4 that they're getting fat. I guess if they usually wear a size 2 and they go up two sizes it wouldn't feel good.

traveler said...

It depends on everyone's self image.