Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Talk Dirty to Me Excerpt

It won't be long now folks. May 24th is right around the corner! I thought I'd post a little teaser.

“I think you’ll live.” Lilly was careful as she dabbed at the cut. It wasn’t all that bad, once the blood was removed. She sensed Blake’s quiet scrutiny as she worked, but she refused to acknowledge it. She had enough on her mind. Like ignoring her tingling nipples, the flutter of arousal in her belly, and the inferno racing through her blood. It occurred to her that she was fighting a losing battle. The chemistry between them was too strong to resist. It always had been. She felt her shirt slip off her shoulder again.

She held her breath when Blake reached up and outlined the spot where the shirt had come to a stop just below her shoulder. His finger left a trail of fire where he touched her. “Look at me, Lilly.” His tone was low and sexy. Different than before. The sexual undercurrents in his voice warned her he was aroused.

“I’m almost done.” There was no way she could ignore where she was standing. Somehow when she’d moved closer to Blake he’d parted his thighs and she’d moved inadvertently between them. Now she was right up against where his zipper would be.

His cock—big, strong, and pulsing against her belly—was a force to be reckoned with. Lilly thought it best to pretend she didn’t notice, even while struggling with the urge to reach inside his pajama bottoms and touch him. She knew how hot his flesh would feel, and how strong it would throb with her fingers wrapped around it. He made her hungry.

“There, all done.” She met Blake’s eyes briefly before stepping back.

“Not quite.” He pulled her back against him sharply.


Carol L. said...

Oh I love this excerpt. I'll be looking for Talk Dirty To Me. Will it be on Samhain ?
Carol L.

Tory Richards said...

No, with Ellora's Cave. Let me know what you think after you read it. It's my first erotic romance with them.