Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I hate taking pills and used to do just about anything not to take one. A headache, I preferred to suffer through it, even a migraine. I'd simply shut myself in a dark room and sleep it off, even if it took a few days. Have cramps? All I needed was the heating pad and a bed for about an hour.

I remember having a bad case of strep throat or tonsillitis for two weeks when I was a teenager and I didn't even go to the doctor. But I did miss a lot of school. Looking back I realize that was a stupid thing. I should have told my parents how sick I was.

I still don't like to take pills, but I will if I'm in enough pain. Why suffer? And some meds can save your life. I take blood pressure medicine and a tiny baby aspirin every day. I don't consider them pills, I don't even need to take water with them they're so small. My one a day vitamin is a little bigger but I force it down because it's supposed to be good for ya, right? Still not bad, just 3 pills a day.

This weekend I invested in those miracle pills that are supposed to help your joints. OMG...a horse couldn't swallow them! And I'm supposed to take two a day? I swear, my co-worker asked me if I was sure I was taking them in the right end. Which quickly prompted me into reading the bottle, in case I'd goofed. For a second there I was hoping that I had. Have you ever had one of those long oblong pills go down sideways? I wonder if anyone has choked to death on one.

If they can make a pill so small that you don't need water with it, why can't they make all pills that way? Or even better, into liquid form. Yeah, I like that idea. Because I have a feeling the older I get, the more pills I'll need.

Thank goodness the calcium I take is a chocolate flavored chewable!


Nancy Bristow said...

I hear you my friend...I believe most of us hate taking any kind of medication. It's a PITA and expensive but unfortunately necessary if we want optimum health.

I had to laugh about the calcium pills because mine are also the size of Rhode Island BUT the thing is that I've taken them for so long that I don't even bat an eyelash now (twice a day). It wasn't as easy to swallow them in the beginning.

Not long ago I discovered that the manufacturer now makes the same calcium in "Petite" just take more of them. The brand name is Citracal (Calcium Citrate +D). Apparently enough people had difficulty in swallowing the normal size that they listened and made the Petite tablets.

Everybody's Irish today so Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! ~Nancy

Tory Richards said...

Hey, I'm definitely going to check out Calcium Citrate +D...thanks!

I wonder what people did 100 years ago when there was only one medicine for what ails ya:)