Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'd forgotten how good a pot roast smelled while it was cooking. I haven't done one in years, I'm talking at least ten or better. I decided to cook one this weekend. I bought a small one, I'm not big on red meat, and one of those bags with the seasoning already in it. I loaded it with potatoes, carrots, onion and fresh mushrooms. Man, it's only been an hour and already the house smells so good!

I can only hope it tastes as good as it smells!



Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...What time's dinner? No doubt in my mind that it will be delicious.

I don't eat a lot of red meat either BUT I love pot roast. A couple of times a year I throw a rump roast in the crock pot for 12 hours and then gorge for a few days. I freeze part of the roast for another time....Nancy:)

Tory Richards said...

It was great, Nancy! What's left will make a good hearty soup.