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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Woe is me...

I took a vacation today to spend with my daughter and granddaughter, because my daughter is normally off on Wednesdays. But today just didn't work out.

We had plans to get together on Friday, along with my niece. However, my daughter began a new job in another department at work on Monday and for the two weeks of training she has to work Monday through Friday, from 8:00-5:00. Once her training is done she'll go back to her old schedule.

So...I'm sitting here in my jammies with one cat beneath my computer and another laying over my chest, drinking coffee, and feeling sorry for myself. I haven't seen my granddaughter since December! I swear I'm going through withdrawals. So beginning in a couple weeks I will go up to my daughters after work Thursday night and keep Alivia every Friday. It will be our day.

I just lazed around most of the day, and worked a little on revising an old book. I did get to take a good nap. I'm beginning to like naps! LOL


Amy J - Book Addict said...

Anytime you need a grandbaby fix, I will loan you my 5 year old daughter. She is like 5 kids in one! LOL

marybelle said...

I'm all about family. There are so many of us we could have our own country.


Jane said...

Wish I could take a nap at work.

Tory Richards said...

LOL...I can believe it Amy! Just two minutes on the phone with my little jabbering Alivia and I'm exhausted. And I get her for three days next weekend:)

Tory Richards said...

I have a large family in Maine. You know, lots of cousins, aunts and uncles. But here in Florida there's just my daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter, hubby and niece.

I should count my three cats, too:)

Tory Richards said...

You know Jane, I hear there are some companies who let their employees take naps during the day but like you, I don't work for one.

I've taken to nap taking on my days off.

Linda Henderson said...

I'm lucky in that I get to see my grandkids just about every day. My littlest one, the preemie one, I see every day. She will technically be one year old next month, but they adjust everything for her being 4 months early. She had her evaluation Wednesday and they say she is doing great. She weighs 10 pounds and 2 ounces and is 23 inches long. I know that doesn't sound like much considering she is almost a year old, but compared to the 1 pound 2.7 ounces and 11 inches at birth, she is a whopper. We just found out this week that my youngest daughter's #3 baby is a boy. That will give her boy, girl, boy. We are all very excited. I didn't care what it was as long as it was healthy.

Tory Richards said...

What a little sweetie she must be! It's a miracle babies can survive and grow up healthy when they come into the world so early. I'm glad to hear she's doing well.

And congrats on the new one coming your way. I'm waiting for the day for my daughter to announce they're expecting #2:)