Sunday, February 7, 2010

Interview with Chase

...our hero in THE COWBOY WAY. I promised readers I'd pin the handsome cowboy down for an interview and finally had to get Lacey to help me. The man's a workaholic! After he and Lacey finished remodeling the ranch house and had the twins they added a screened in pool, which is where Chase and I are relaxing now. He just came in from working all day and looks pretty, ah, sexy in his jeans, chaps and a days worth of stubble on his rugged face.

I jumped right in. "You're a hard man to pin down for an interview."

"Yeah, well, I'm a busy man and it's calving season. Plus I have a couple mares about to drop their foals. By the way, that was a sneaky trick you pulled getting Lacey to do your dirty work for you." He took a sip of his beer.

I didn't feel guilty in the least. "Hey, you wouldn't stop long enough to give me five minutes. Readers are interested in knowing what you're doing. Besides, I knew Lacey could handle you."

He chuckles. "She always has. So shoot. What do you want to know?"

"Well, what have you two been up to the last year? I see you added a pool."

"Had to do something to keep three kids entertained. Lacey was about to pull her hair out. Lilly came nine months after Melanie and Nathan. And Lacey and I enjoy the pool after they're in bed for the night."

"They're beautiful children, Chase. I can tell by the look on your face that those kids are your life."

"You bet. So is their mother. Even though she's a royal pain in my you know what at times."

I laughed. "I see some things never change, and something tells me you don't mind so much. So, what else has been keeping Chase Saunders busy?" I glanced at the scar on his forehead, where he'd been shot by Johnson, but thought it was better not to bring up that horrible memory.

"Whew! Running a ranch eats up a lot of my time. I quit working at Carl's ranch once we filled our own pastures. We run a bull breeding program. Brian took over as foreman at Carl's. He and Mary just had number two."

"How about you? Any more kids in your future?"

I watch his gaze shift to where Lacey is playing with their children in the shallow end of the pool. "That's up to Lacey but I'll welcome as many as she wants to give me."

Apparently Lacey heard her name being mentioned. "As many as what?"

"Brats." Chase answered her, grinning. "I was just saying that I'll welcome as many as you want to give me."

"Good to know." She grinned back. She lifted Lilly high in the air until she squealed. On the way down she kissed her chubby little belly and she squealed some more.

Chase and I were quiet for a moment, watching the antics of three little "brats" being doted on by their beautiful mother. Looking at Lacey's slim shape it's hard to believe she's the mother of three. "Is Lacey still illustrating for children's books?"

"As often as time allows. She has a small art room just off the nursery so when the kids are down for their afternoon naps she can work, and still hear them. In fact she did all the framed art in the nursery."

"Have you ever thought of hiring a nanny?"

"Are you kidding? I mentioned it once and nearly got my ears boxed." Chase laughed. "We have an anniversary coming up. I'm going to surprise Lacey with a two-week trip to Ireland. Brian and Mary are going to keep the kids."

"That's a nice surprise."

"Yeah. We don't get much alone time anymore."

I could tell Chase was joking by the twinkle in his eye. "If I remember correctly, you two always managed to find a place for some, ah, alone time. And you do have three babies."

Chase just smiled and finished off his beer. "Ah, the good old days when any place in the house, or out, would do."

"Chase!" We both glanced at Lacey, who was looking at us with her mouth open. "I heard that!"

"You know it's true, sweetheart." He laughed at Lacey's scowl, then glanced back at me. "Are you planning on staying the weekend? We're having a family barbecue on Saturday."

"I can't but I'll stay for dinner. Before I leave, can I get a picture of you? I think readers will expect that."

He didn't hesitate. "Sure."

I convinced Chase to let me take a picture of him before he changed out of his chaps. He didn't want to take off his shirt but Lacey made him a promise I in no way would have been able to. Sorry, but as I was taking his picture my camera slipped. I chopped off his head but I thought y'all would still enjoy the view I got:)


Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...A very fine view indeed...I loves me some chaps:)) What I wouldn't give for some hands on. Great interview! ~Nancy

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Linda Henderson said...

Loved the interview. You gotta love those cowboys.

GladysMP said...

Looks like ranch life builds "healthy" bodies.