Sunday, January 24, 2010


Karma is a Sanskrit word that means "action." Karma has commonly been considered a punishment for past bad actions, but karma is neither judge nor jury. Rather, it is simply the universal law of cause and effect that says every thought, word and act carries energy into the world and affects our present reality. Karma can also refer to the "work" we have ahead of us, which includes lessons from both our past and present lives.

Karma is one of those topics that many people know a little about, but few understand. To start with, Newton's third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The law of karma basically states that every action has a reaction and whatever you do to others will later return to you. We are accountable for everything we do, regardless of whether we understand it or not.

Do you believe in karma? I do. I believe what goes around comes around and payback is right around the corner. If someone is speeding and cuts you off in traffic, then further down the road you see they've been pulled over by a cop...isn't that karma? Have you ever found yourself saying, "one day they'll get theirs"?

What creates good or bad karma is also the nature of the intent behind the action. If one uses things selfishly or out of anger, greed, hate, revenge, etc., then the nature of the act is of darkness. One will incur bad karma from it that will later manifest as reversals in life, painful events, disease or accidents. While things that are done for the benefit of others, out of kindness and love, with no thought of return, or for worshiping God, are all acts of goodness and piety, which will bring upliftment or good fortune to you.

However, if you do something bad that happens because of an accident or a mistake, without the intent to do any harm to others, the karma is not so heavy. Maybe you were meant to be an instrument in someone else’s karma, which is also yours. It will take into consideration your motivation. Yet the greater the intent or awareness of doing something wrong, the greater the degree of negative reaction there will be. So it is all based on the intent behind the action.

I believe how you live your life affects the kind of rewards you'll receive. Not to mention how good doing the right things in life make you feel. The sacrifices you make might help someone else but in the long run you benefit from them just as much.

If everyone understood the law of karma, we would all be living a happier life in a brighter world. Why? Because we could know how to adjust our lives so we would not be suffering the constant reactions of what we have done due to the false aims of life.

Have you had an experience where the thought crossed your mind that it might be karma?


Linda Henderson said...

Yeah, I have. My second ex-husband went to Texas to find a good job so he could support us better. So I'm left back here with my oldest daughter from my first marriage, she was 10, and my youngest daughter (ours) who wasn't quite 5. I didn't have a job because we were moving. I had given notice to the landlord and he was moving back into the house and my car was broke down. Well he shows up, I thought to pack us up to move, and tells me he's found someone else he wants to be with and here's $150.00. So, here I am jobless, homeless in 3 days, no running vehicle and two kids ready to start school(it was mid-August). So, with families help I rented a trailer, got my car fixed and got a job. Everyone kept telling me that one day he would pay, and boy did he. He was probably there two years and was in an accident that screwed up his back and he couldn't work. Downside to that was, no child support. He files for disability and gets turned down repeatedly and finally he ends up having a massive stroke and can't even go to the bathroom by himself. So, I'd say he paid for it. Oh, the woman he left me for was about 12 years younger than me. Don't think that didn't make me feel good. So yes, I believe in karma.

Nancy Bristow said...

I believe you're right Linda. Glad to hear you had some good karma.

In answer to the question of feeling as though I've experienced karma in my life...the answer is yes.

Tory Richards said...

The hubby did that?! Yep...the he sure got his:)

Tory Richards said...

I have, too, Nancy. Sometimes not always good and looking back I probably deserved it...

Virginia C said...

I do believe that those who cause hardships for others create their own bad karma. The laws of the universe do not allow bad deeds to go unpunished. We may not see the justice served, but it does occur. When you have been wronged, trying your best to let go of the hurt and finding peace is the best "revenge". I learned this lesson the hard way over a long period of time. Years of free self-analysis : )

Tory Richards said...

There's something to be said for that, Virginia. And besides, if we live our lives the right way we won't have to worry about it.