Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting Intimate

As a Goddess Fish Blog Tour Partner this gives you a chance to meet other authors and Victoria Blisse has stopped in as my guest today.

Interview -

1.The premise for Getting Intimate sounds very interesting! Where did you come up with the idea?
Well, it’s the sequel to Getting Physical and when I wrote that book I knew that Terri and John wanted a sequel actually, I was pretty sure they’d want their own trilogy! So I had the idea for Getting intimate in my mind when I first wrote Getting Physical, it’s just taken me a little time *cough* 3 years nearly *cough* to actually get round to writing it!

What I wanted was, as the name suggest, a more intimate look into Terri and John’s relationship. In Getting Physical I got them together via their gym visits and I really wanted to see how that relationship would develop.

2. What won't we see in Victoria Blisse books and why?
Well, you won’t see an unhappy ending. I like happy endings, I think it’s essential for a romance book especially to end on a high note.

3. Who's your favorite author?
Just one? How cruel to make me pick! I love David Gemmell and his brand of heroic fantasy. I’m very partial to a good fantasy story and Terry Pratchett could also get a mention as my favourite author too, sorry, I really couldn’t pick just one!

4. What genre would you like to try your hand at but don't where or how to start?
Historical. I love the idea of writing a period piece but the research involved scares me and I honestly wouldn’t know where to start.

5. What did you have for dinner tonight?
Chicken and mashed potatoes with green beans and carrots and gravy. I had Luscious Lemon cake for dessert!

6. What's your guilty pleasure?
Well, I’d like to say nothing because really pleasure should be guilt free but I do find I’m awfully good at giving myself a guilt trip over things! And my guilty pleasure at the moment is spending waaaaay to much time messing with cafe world on facebook. Now that is a sad admission isn’t it? But it is my favourite procrastination tool right now!

7. Please fill in the blank. Writing is my ___________________ because ________________.
Writing is my anchor because without it I would go stark raving mad.

8. What's your next project and can you share a little of it with us?Well, from a sweet contemporary comedic romance to vampires. Yeah, I’m terribly eclectic. There is a story in the editing at the moment called ‘The Point’ Which is about a vampire named Hugh who owns a vampire night club. He meets a curvy human by coincidence and falls in love. The Point is due out from Total-E-Bound in April.

But the story I’ve recently worked on is the sequel to that and has no title as yet. It is the story of Josh, a vampire who plays a bit part in ‘The Point’. Hopefully it will be book two in the PointVamp series. Here is a little, unedited snippet for you!

"Before we go any further, I want to know your name." He snapped.

"It's Cara," she replied, without looking back, "I've got something for you."

In the little clearing in the middle of the wasteland was a naked girl, she was strapped to a tree and she was shivering.

"What the fuck?" Josh exclaimed, "You can't leave a poor woman outside, naked in bloody autumn, she'll freeze to death.

"No, no, touch her," Cara smiled, her dark blue eyes shining, "she's fine."

I reached out and touched the girls arm. The girl moaned, she was warm and she seemed to be...
"I've been keeping her warm for you, son. She's a wonderful little submissive and she loves to be tied up and used. I told her I had a handsome man who'd come and fuck her and she's been waiting ever so patiently for you. So go on, fuck her."

I looked into the brown eyes of the pixie-like chick tied to the tree. She certainly didn't look scared, she licked her lips as I looked at her.

"Just one minute please," He smiled and ran a hand through his cropped blond hair and walked over to Cara and whispered in her ear.

"What the fuck are you playing at?"

"I brought you dinner, darling. I saw your little snack last night so I picked up something similar for you."

"What? Well, that's kind of nice I guess but the whole sex thing is a bit...icky. I don't usually fuck my steak before I eat it."

"No, but fucking your dinner before you bite supercharges the blood. It leaves you feeling full for longer and your dinner doesn't scream so much as you feed. That's why your midnight snack satisfied you for longer. You heated her up before eating."

Josh wrinkled up his nose but it made sense.

"So go on," Cara continued, "go fuck her and suck her. I'm just going to sit over here and watch." Cara took a seat on top of what might have one been a fridge freezer. It was now covered in mud and grass and almost looked like a mound of earth apart from the metal corners sticking out at each end.

Josh looked back at the woman who was still smiling. Oh, what the heck, he thought, I am hungry and I am somewhat horny. I might as well give it a go.

9. What's your favorite part of writing?
Oh, there are so many favourites. I like the buzz of sitting down to a blank page when I’m starting a story, writing first kisses is also a favourite of mine but the very best bit? Is when a story is finished. Now that’s satisfaction.

10.Where's your dream place to live?Scarborough. It’s a little seaside town on the East coast of England in Yorkshire and we go for a holiday there every year. I’d love to retire over there.

11.What are you wearing right now?
Black velvet trousers and a black long sleeved top, which is unusual for me, I don’t usually go for all black.

12.Where do you like to write and what inspires you?
I write in my living room on my laptop and it’s almost always first thing in the morning. I get inspiration from everywhere, from my dreams, from TV programmes, from places I visit and often the inspiration hits whilst I’m sat on the bus staring out of the window.

13.What's your next goal?
I have the very last part of the Getting Together trilogy to write!

14.Do you like chocolate?
Love it. I really do, read ‘Sweet Thing’ in Curvaceous and ‘Chocolate Lover’ in the Xcite Anthology ‘Ultimate Curves’ and you’ll realise just how much!


I could not believe it had been six months or so that I’d been putting myself through the gym torture. Granted, I felt better for it. I was more flexible and filled with energy but I was not seeing my curves fall away in any significant manner. And of course, the curves that were going were the ones I wanted to keep! My bra had gone down a size and my hips seemed to have shrunk, but no amount of concentration seemed to make my podge of a belly disappear.

I persevered though, mostly because of John and partly because of mum. She had bought me the stupid gym pass in the first place and I’ve always been told it’s rude not to accept a present graciously.

It wasn’t so bad. At least the gym held good memories for me and with John around I always had someone to talk to while working my bum off. I could look at him lustfully, too and then take him home to have my wicked way with. Although he was perfectly capable of having his wicked way too, come to think of it. He might have been a virgin when we first met, something I still found unbelievable, but he soon got the hang of things. And oh, he was imaginative. He kept me satisfied but paradoxically that only made me want him more. I wanted to find out all the ways we could orgasm together.

I was lost in lurid fantasy as I pushed the door of the gym open. The usual mix of sweat and antiperspirant products mixed with hot plastic and rubber greeted me as I walked in. That was not what surprised me. What did surprise me was seeing my John talking to the stick insect.

It was a gym. The place was filled with lean, mean, perfectly-formed female bodies but there was one I disliked more than all the others put together. I’d discovered from the simpering of her friends and her personal trainer’s barked instructions that her name was Sam. But in my mind she remained the stick insect. She was as thin as a rail and beautiful with it. She had bright, natural blonde hair and sparkling eyes, and although I beat her hands down in the cleavage department hers were pert and always peeped out the top of whatever sports ensemble she was wearing. Men would literally drool down them when talking to her.

Jealous? Me? Well okay, maybe I was just a little bit. She was everything I wasn’t. She was effortlessly gorgeous and instantly charming. Most of the men in the gym wanted to fuck her and half of the women too, but up until that moment I was sure that my John barely even realised she existed. He loved big women, real women. He adored my curves and he told me that at every possible moment. He begged me never to lose them and I told him I couldn’t if I tried. And boy, was I trying.

But at that moment my world shattered. I couldn’t hear what was being said over the noise of the packed gym but her eyes were full of lust and he was pointedly not looking at her. Why on earth would you not meet the gaze of a person, unless you were trying to hide something or you were feeling guilty about something? I saw exactly what a moment later, when she covered my John’s strong hand with her own thin, little dainty one and squeezed. He looked up at her then and smiled. She walked away.

I was stunned. My John had been captured by the stick insect.


Andrea I said...

Victoria, glad I saw your tour on Goddess Fish Promotions. I've found a new author to read.

Tory, I always enjoy your blog.

Nancy Bristow said...

Sigh. Victoria...you're another new-to-me author who's excerpts appeal to me and I would think to most women...it's so easy to relate. I love that you write hot and humorous. "Stick insect" cracked me up. I hope your books are also in print? ~Nancy

victoriablisse said...

Andrea -Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the tour so far, so am I!

Nancy, I'm glad you like my style. I'm the kind of person who finds humour in everything and laughter can often be very sexy! I have a Print anthology, Curvaceous and my works are in several print anthologies. check out victoriablisse.co.uk for more details.

Thanks for your lovely comments, ladies.

Linda Henderson said...

It's always nice to discover a new to me author. I'm glad you were here.