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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chase...where are you?

Well my friends, the results of the poll are in and it looks like our hero, Chase, from THE COWBOY WAY will be interviewed. Now I just have to pin the man down long enough to talk to him. He's a busy man these days. A lot has changed since he and Lacey got married, and had the twins. I know where he is though so give me time to hop a plane out to their ranch. I need a vacation:)


Booksrforever123 said...

I see you are from Polk county in Florida. I lived in lakeland for a very short time and I remember it being in Polk Co. It was during the '80s when the country was in that recession and my parents moved us down there hoping to establish a business in lawn care for my step=father because Mom had been laid off from her job in Michigan for over 2 years and MI's economy was in the crapper, but we found his allergies were terribly increased down there and we had to borrow money to move back to Mi. Some of my nightmare years in highschool.

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...Looking forward to the interview with Chase.

I take it that "coffe" is a spam comment since one word can be read very clearly. Sigh.

Tory Richards said...

Back in the 80's Polk county was very country. You should see us now. I've only been in the area for about 7 years and it's steadily growing. I like the area.
I believe we're the retirement capitol of the world. Not that I'm retirement age, yet! LOL

Tory Richards said...

I love the delete button, Nancy! LOL

Linda Henderson said...

A vacation would be nice.