Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anyone relate?

My hubby takes the cake! I work all day, come home to clean out the cat box, straighten up the kitchen, cover him with a blanket because he's napping, and get a shower. I just sit down to watch the evening news and check my emails when he wakes.

He walks to the kitchen doorway, stops, turns to look back at me. "What day is it?"
I glance at him over my computer top. "Thursday."
"The trash goes out tomorrow." He continues to stare at me. I stare back. "What time you gonna get it ready?"
I explode. "You've had all damn day to do it." He's retired and is home 24/7.
"I just thought about it."
He continues to stare at me while I pretend I don't notice. I give in first. "When I'm ready I'll take care of it, I just sat down."

Hubby's the kind of man who expects you to do something the minute it needs to be done, especially when he wants it done. I continue to sit there, my eyes shifting back and forth between the TV and my computer. But I can see him throw his arms up in the air and he walks away to the bathroom. Next commercial I get up and gather all the trash and put it by the door. When he returns I tell him it's done.

He shakes his head and his expression clearly tells me he doesn't care and he's not going to take it down to the road. Well, I guess he taught me a lesson.

He'll take the trash down to the road after he's done sulking:)


Jane said...

I definitely know some guys like your husband. When you want them to do something they wait till the last minute.

Tory Richards said...


Linda Henderson said...

My daughter's husband is really bad about taking the trash out so it accumulates in the garage. The other day someone made a remark about the use of a garage to my 6 year old grandson and he said, "a garage is for storing trash and dirty car parts." I thought I would choke. Out of the mouths of babes.