Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas in St. Augustine

Hi my friends! Thought I'd share a
few pictures of us taken this past weekend. We had girls day out and had our own little Christmas in our favorite weekend getaway.

Was it cold? Heck yeah it was cold! And windy. But it was a pretty sunny day and as you can see we came dressed for the weather. We had a nice blanket to sit on and another to cover us. That came in handy when we rode the trolley car.

Only had one little mishap while we were unwrapping our gifts. One of our empty gift bags escaped, thanks to the wind, and before we could capture it into the mote it went! We were sitting on the grass by the Castile De San Marcos.

Other than that we had a wonderful day of fun in the sun. Walking down the old cobbled streets and shopping at our favorite shops.

We noticed a few business's had either closed or changed hands. A sign of the times, I'm afraid. And one small shop in particular surprised us, the Old World Bakery. I hope it's not permanent. They offered home made breads, cookies, and these great little meat filled pastries. I think they also offered soups.

Before we knew it our day was coming to an end. We finished it off with a seafood dinner and then headed home. My daughter's home is only an hour or so away. From there I have another two hour drive. Sometimes I can do it in an hour and a half, depending on the traffic.

I hated saying goodbye but we're getting together again on Wednesday night for our "holiday dinner". You must be thinking this is weird but this year we all have our own plans for how we're spending Christmas.

Thanksgiving is the holiday we all gather under one roof.


Nancy Bristow said...

Cold Madam? That would be relative:) We're hovering in the 20's with record breaking snow on the ground.

It's great that you enjoyed your girl's outing and the smiles in the photos stand as testament. I noticed you were in none of them. Is that any way for an author to be? (Yeah, I know you don't like your picture taken but you know, I love seeing who I'm blogging with.)*grin*

I don't think it's weird at all that various family members have their own plans for how they will spend Christmas. Dynamics change depending on the decade we're in:)

Merry Christmas Debbie. Hope you enjoy the holidays exactly as you see fit....Nancy

Tory Richards said...

Same to you too Nancy! By the way, received your Christmas card and check. Thanks!

The reason I'm not in any photos is that I was taking them:) Duh!!! LOL

You have us beat with the cold weather. But it was 47 when I left for work this morning. Now, that's cold for a Floridian. Are you snowed in?

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...Well, duh, I knew you were taking the photos;) Couldn't you hand the camera to someone else and get yourself in some of those photos? LOL Plus, I'll bet you have a self-timer feature on your camera that adds another level to taking pictures.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Cowboy was a quick and delightful read. You know how I feel about cowboys *eyebrow wiggle*.

We still have snow on the ground but my Goddess neighbor shoveled my car out the other day without me seeing her so I'm mobile. For her kindness, I shared my See's fudge with nuts (she's already a fan of See's chocolate).

It's raining big time now so I'm hoping the temperature doesn't drop.

Right now I only have to be concerned with walking as far as the mailbox to collect a new movie to watch (Netflix).

Life is good....Nancy:)

Linda Henderson said...

It's cold here and we still have snow on the ground.