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Thursday, November 19, 2009


I just learned how! LOL And I'm only 54 years old...well, I will be very soon. What fun it is. However, the other day my daughter sent me three messages before I could even answer one. She said I'm slow. Well, duh! I can't see the small letters and I also have the kind of phone that doesn't have a keypad.

Yes and no questions are desired:)


Linda Henderson said...

Yes, my daughter makes fun of me too for my slow texting. And I don't have the texting lingo down yet either. I tend to spell everything out. I laugh every time I see that commercial where everyone is texting and talking text lingo, even grandma. Hey, she does better than me and I'm 57.

s7anna said...

I just learned how to text three months ago...I'm the black sheep among my friends and family...they think since I'm 27 that I had no excuse not to know since my so-called generation are all tech-savvy...all I have to say is I beg to differ *sniff* LOL
I prefer being an oddball...it works for me :P

Tory Richards said...

LOL, I can so relate Linda! My co-worker had a great laugh at my expense the other day. I texted her a question and couldn't find the darn question mark so I spelled it out! Well...how else was she supposed to know it was a question and I expected a reply?

Tory Richards said...

You are, ah, different, Anna! LOL How did you ever get to be 27 and NOT have all the high tech knowledge of your generation? I mean, weren't you born with a cell phone in your hands? LOL

s7anna said...

that would be my bro's generation LOL
Besides...I would always tell everyone that if you can bother typing...you can just dial my number and speak to me...way better as far as I'm concerned

Tory Richards said...

I so agree Anna but I have to admit there are times when texting has come in handy.

s7anna said...

Well now that I know how to text...I'm never going back *giggling*. I had no idea about all the fun I was missing out on...*Dang it all!!!* LOL

Tory Richards said...

Me too, Anna! Every time I try something new my daughter says, welcome to the 21st century...brat! LOL