Monday, November 16, 2009


Cupid's Arrow was my first book published with Whiskey Creek Press and was on their best sellers list for two consecutive months.

Emma watched Mike slowly approach the dugout and immediately began looking around for something to use on his eye. Spying a cooler, she opened it and grabbed a handful of crushed ice before it dawned on her she didn’t have anything to put it in. She looked around for Amanda’s bag, realizing she’d probably have something in there she could use. Finding it beneath the bench, she sat down and opened it with one hand, digging through the contents for the first item of clothing she saw. However, when she held it up, her mouth dropped.

Oh my!

She glanced up just as Mike stepped into the dugout and held her breath with embarrassment on discovering it was definitely not Amanda’s bag she was rifling through. Their eyes locked, well, his one good eye to hers, and a flush spread across Emma’s face that produced a full-fledged grin on his. His gaze lowered to take in what she was holding in her hand. Her confidence to handle the situation lagged considerably by the amusement swimming in his eyes.

“I, ah, usually know a woman a little longer before letting her, ah, handle my underwear,” he had the nerve to say, crossing his arms. He was thoroughly enjoying her dilemma.

Emma was speechless, drowning in the deep water of Mike’s eyes. Not only had she been caught going through someone’s bag, but it turned out to be his. She glanced at the underwear in question, her eyes nearly popping out of their sockets when a foiled condom packet fell out, landing on her lap. She dropped the boxers as if she’d grabbed a snake, ignoring the condom, too mortified to move. She knew she should say something but the words stuck in her throat. The ice melting in her hand reminded her of what she’d been doing, enabling her to finally act with some amount of normalcy.

Trying for a smile, she was barely able to lift her voice above a whisper. “I, ah, thought this was Amanda’s bag; she has one that’s very similar. I saw you get hit in the eye and was looking for something to put this ice in.” Mike surprised her by reaching forward. The closer he got the further she shrank back. But he only snatched the condom off her lap and tossed it back in his bag, his jaw tight as though trying to hold back a laugh.

“Is that for me?”


Linda Henderson said...

Great excerpt. I will have to get this one.

Tory Richards said...

Glad you enjoyed it Linda:)

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...You already know that I thoroughly this read:) ~Nancy

Tory Richards said...

Hi Nancy! Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...Yikes, my blood sugar must have been low when I wrote my comment. It should have read:

"You already know that I thoroughly enjoyed this read [Cupid's Arrow]."

I'm as ready for Thanksgiving as I'm going to get. It's a nice holiday but without family close by it will be another day. Not sad...I have many things to be thankful for every day:)

There's not much that gives me greater pleasure than to be a slug on the couch reading a good book without interruption. ~Nancy

Tory Richards said...

LOL...too funny Nancy. What are slugs reading these days?

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...You may be sorry you asked the question, "What are slugs reading these days?" *grin*

Like a lot of readers, I read almost every genre in romance (and some not) and I read according to mood. In the past week I've devoured:

Passion (Lisa Valdez, historical erotic)

A Kiss to Remember (Teresa Medeiros, historical)

The Collectors (David Baldacci - political thriller; the only one I hadn't yet read in the The Camel Club series)

The Mane Squeeze (Shelly Laurenston, shape-shifter paranormal)

Feel The Heat (Cindy Gerard, romance-suspense)

Make Her Pay (Roxanne St. Claire, romance-suspense)

Currently I'm reading an ARC...Demonfire (Kate Douglas, paranormal, first book of new series that will be published March 2010)

...and that's how stone cold book junkies read:) Being retired and able to indulge in reading as much as I want to is my idea of wallowing in bliss.

In addition to reading and as an alternate, I've also been catching up on all the movies I missed seeing during my working years. It's too delish, very cheap and I only have to go as far as my mailbox (Netflex). More often than not, books trump movies but still, I've viewed some amazingly well done films in the last several months.

Oh yes, I love escaping reality *snort* I just hope I can get my entire TBR mountain read before I die...although not likely since my addiction leads me to frequently add to it:) ~Nancy

P.S. I do balance being a slug by walking 4 miles about every other day. No major pounds have flown away but it's good for me and each and every time I'm able to do it, I can pump a fist. Trust me, there's nothing easy about it...we're talking 83 to 90 non-stop minutes which translates to 10,000+ aerobic steps (you know about how we're all suppose to be striving for 10,000 aerobic steps each day --- HA)