Sunday, November 8, 2009

Animal Cops

I like to watch animal cops. Not all the stories turn out happy but it makes you feel so good watching the ones that do. For the life of me I'll never understand how anyone can be cruel to an animal. All they really want is to be loved and they love you back unconditionally. If you don't want a pet, THEN DON'T GET ONE!!!!! It's that simple.

The show I watched yesterday infuriated me. I don't know how the animal cops can do what they do day after day and not want to take the law into their own hands and dish out some eye for an eye punishment! You cut an animal's ears off, we cut yours off. You set them on fire, we set you on fire. Is that unreasonable? Okay, okay, I know it is. But honestly, it breaks your heart when you hear about some of the abuse that goes on.

A lady brought a beautiful dark gray cat into the vets and said she didn't want it anymore. The poor thing didn't have any front paws. When asked about it, she said her ex-boyfriend tied rubber bands around the cat's paws real tight. The vet said the cat would have been in agony for a long time before the paws fell off.

The cat was absolutely beautiful, and despite how she'd been treated, had the sweetest personality. She'd learned to walk without her paws but was unable to groom her face like cats like to do. So they found someone to adopt her that would take the time to groom her face every day. And of course she had to be kept as an indoor cat, too.

I don't know if the cops were able to hold anyone accountable for her condition. It turned into a he said/she said situation.

I have three little fur balls. God help ANYONE who tries to hurt one!


Virginia C said...

My mother was a true animal rights activist. Not in the way of writing letters or holding up protest signs, but in the way of actually placing animals first. She was born and raised "in the country". As a young girl, she ran through the woods and often found steel leg traps which she busted with a rock and threw in the river. She was a "wildlife handler", and she took care of injured animals. She even took birds out of cat's mouths! Mom wouldn't kill bugs. She kept paper cups around the house so she could catch bugs and let them outside. Our love of animals was one of the main things we had in common. She watched "Animal Cops". I can't watch it! All of my cats are abuse or rescue cases. Sadly, I have lost three cats in the past year. It takes a lot to care for abused or stray animals. They sometimes have many health and behavorial issues. Mom called me "The Cat Whisperer". She said that I was the best cat trainer that she ever saw. She said many, many times that whatever cruelty was done to the animal should be done right back to the offender.

Linda Henderson said...

The sad thing is she probably kept her piece of crap boyfriend around for a while even after he hurt her cat.

Jane said...

My brother loves watching Animals Cops, but sometimes it's hard to hear and see what people do to their pets. The local news reported yesterday that woman was arrested after they found many dead animals buried in her yard. They're calling her house the pet cemetery. She supposed kidnapped her neighbor's pets.

Tory Richards said...

Oh Virginia, I can so relate to this! I remember rescuing a mouse from a cat once:) Your mom is a special lady!

It's so sad losing animals you love, I've lost many through the years. I feel their little spirits are still around, though.

Tory Richards said...

I wouldn't doubt it, Linda.

Tory Richards said...

What's scary is that a lot of people who kill animals turn out to be serial killers.

My hubby doesn't like to watch it either because of the same reason. I like to see the happy ending stories.