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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Nasty Flu

Hubby called. He's visiting family in OK for a week. Apparently several family members have come down with the flu. He tried to get an early flight home but the airline wanted to charge him an outrageous fee for changing his flight. I didn't want to tell him it didn't matter because he'd already been infected. If he's going to get it he's going to get it.

This is the first year I've gotten a flu shot because the last thing he needs at his age is the flu. Now he's in a bad situation. We're both praying his flu shot will protect him, and that he doesn't bring it home with him.

Well...back to my Alivia. She's staying a couple days and keeping grandma busy!


Linda Henderson said...

Everybody (almost) in our family has been sick and I am in my third week and I still have a stopped up head. And this is after taking antibiotics for a sinus infection.

Jane said...

I still need to get my flu shot. Have fun.

s7anna said...

I've already gotten hit with the nasty version that's been floating around this year...I'm finally over the worst of it and on my way to recovery...but it wiped me out for three freakin' whole weeks...It's a real bummer...plus I went through two separate cycles of antibiotics and it still did nothing!!!

I still feel like a giant bowl of overdone spaghetti cause my energy level is so low...I hope you feel better Linda...this one is a doozy to recover from..

Happy Reading!!!
Anna Shah Hoque

Tory Richards said...

Sorry to hear you've been under the weather Linda. Three weeks is a long time to feel like crap. Sinus infections are no fun!

Hope you feel better soon:)

Tory Richards said...

I hope you're planning on getting one soon, Jane. I never did until this year because I'm rarely sick and when I am it's usually for a day or two. But with an ailing hubby, well, I decided to take the plunge.

Tory Richards said...

Gosh Anna, you aren't talking about the dreaded swine flu are you? I can't imagine being sick for three weeks and hope you're feeling like your old self soon:)

s7anna said...

No thank God it wasn't the swine flu...but it was an awful viral infection...it's been making everyone sick! I had a couple of colleagues at work who had it..and Bam! I ended up with it. On top of the viral infection I got struck down with bronchitis so it was a real trip trying to recover!

Tory Richards said...

You poor kid! Drink orange juice, the vitimin C is good for you, and lots of water. Flush that crap out of your system. Have you ever tried airborne? Listen to me...you're probably rolling your eyes right now:)

s7anna said...

LOL...sometimes it feels after being so hideously ill for such a long time that you kinda feel like a medical tome...you know you go into the doctor and instead of letting them talk...you Tell them what's working for you and what won't work for you...it's kinda hilarious!!!

Tory Richards said...

Been there, done that Anna! LOL