Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just sitting here wondering...

LOL...Could it be the hot flashes I suffer with every night is the result of sitting with a hot computer on my lap for 3 hours?

Is it possible to set my lap on fire?


Linda Henderson said...

I don't know. I lay my hair dryer down on the washer or dryer when it's hot because I'm always afraid of catching something on fire.

s7anna said...

Sometimes it certainly feels that way for sure :P
I have a really bad habit of lying down and putting it my macbook on my chest...I'm pretty sure I've been cooking my internal organs for a while now... I have to apologize for that imagery but hey! it had to be said :)

Virginia C said...

It wouldn't surprise me if YOU set the laptop on fire : )

Mitz said...

Good question.
I'd have to say anything is possible. My mom just bought a nice brand new microwave and was cooking a potato in it and it caught fire. She knew what she doing microwave malfuntioned...LOL
She wasn't to happy when they said they would fix it, she is now scared to use this one again and demanded a new one.

Jane said...

I think it's more dangerous to men. I think it reduces a man's sperm count.

Tory Richards said...

I'm the same way with my hair dryer, Linda. I use it in the mornings before work and then leave the house, would hate for a fire to start.

LOL, thanks for that visual Anna:) I pray you're not right but I wouldn't be surprised that one day we'll hear something negative about it.

Virginia, your comment cracked me up! LOL

I don't blame her Mitz, I would have demanded a new microwave, too. I think they had nerve saying they'd fix it in the first place.

Jane, sorry if your comment was meant to be serious but it cracked me up, too. I think you're right, though. Seems I recall hearing something like that years ago. Or...was it tight underwear?