Sunday, October 18, 2009

Have you ever seen a prettier smile?

Alivia spent a couple days with me so mommy and daddy could have what my daughter calls mommy/daddy time. She just loves the cats! And we had a blast!


s7anna said...

She's absolutely adorable!!! You two girls must be having a ball being up to no good :P

Happy Reading!!!
Anna Shah Hoque

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Tory,

Yes, she does have a beautiful
smile! All grandchildren have
grins that tie us completely
around their sweet little toes
and fingers! I know my ten do!!

I'm new to your area! I came here via the Author Island Halloween
Contest. My eyes are totally on
permanent crossed status from my
attempt to find the answer to the Tori Richards doorbell question.
I'm giving up for now, I'll start
again in the morning!

Pat Cochran

Linda Henderson said...

What a cutie. She does have a beautiful smile.

Jane said...

Ooh, fun times. She's so cute.

Virginia C said...

That smile made my day : )

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

annalisa said...

She looks so cute cuddling with the kitty!

Tory Richards said...

Thank you Anna. We were being good, I swear! LOL I hated to see her leave:(

Tory Richards said...

Ten grandchildren! I'm so jealous of you, Pat! Welcome from Author Island and good luck on the Halloween contest:)

Tory Richards said...

Thanks Linda. Her smile just melts my heart. She's such a happy little girl. I'm kind of partial to girls:)

Tory Richards said...

Thanks Jane...she takes after her grandma:)

Tory Richards said...

You know what Virginia? When I'm having a not so great day I just need to see her pretty face on my computer screen and everything seems all right again. Hearing her voice on the phone works, too:)

Tory Richards said...

Hi Annalisa! I was surprised that Jezebel let Alivia lay on her like that. The other two took off for parts unknown:)

michelle said...

oh, how cute! I love pics of kids and pets.

Tory Richards said...

Thanks Michelle. Alivia is my granddaughter. She just turned three!