Wednesday, October 14, 2009


He was right behind Libby when they entered the dark shed, drawing the door closed behind them to keep the inside from getting any wetter than it already was. A large crack remained because the door was old and bent. He felt for the light switch and flipped it on. The room was instantly bathed with the dim glow of a twenty-watt bulb. Not much light, just enough to take in the lawn mower, various tools and gardening supplies kept on hand. And the wet temptress poised directly beneath the

Logan’s gaze dropped, moving over Libby. She might as well be naked. Whatever she had on was plastered to her like a thin layer of tissue. It stopped at the top of her thighs, the transparency revealing she wasn’t wearing any panties. Logan tried to put the brakes on where his mind was heading as his eyes rested on the fascinating curve of her buttocks. He recalled what she looked like naked, but for some unexplained reason this was far more sensual and tempting. Heightening his senses with a teasing display of what his hands had only discovered the day before.

His palms tingled, he tried to swallow. Then she whipped around to face him, an innocent smile on her face as she brushed the wet hair away. He watched her
movements, letting his gaze slowly take in the clear outline of her breasts with their darker nipples, proudly pointing in his direction. When his eyes landed on the darker patch between her thighs lust swept through his body in crippling waves.

Someone caught their breath, and their eyes met. If Logan didn’t know better he’d swear the look on Libby’s face revealed she was feeling uncharacteristically shy and nervous. So unlike the self-assured, sassy little witch they both knew she was. All at once she glanced away, and he couldn’t help wondering what she was up to. Yesterday she’d stood before him proud and naked, practically demanding he make love to her. Now she resembled more a delicate damsel in distress facing her conqueror.

“When Rufus is frightened he’ll hide almost anywhere,” she said, looking everywhere but at Logan. Is her voice trembling? “He likes people to believe he’s big and bad but inside he’s really just a big baby.” She moved to an old desk that Vincent used for a worktable. “Rufus?” her soft voice coaxed.

She bent over the desk to peer behind it, and seeing how her wet nightgown outlined her shapely bottom, Logan lost it, achieving a hard-on in record time. He sucked in his breath, his body twitching with awareness recalling how good it felt sinking
inside her welcoming body. Logan moved behind Libby, pinning her against the desk, not quite sure what his intentions were. Only knowing he needed to feel her against him like he needed air to breathe.

Catching her unaware, he felt her slight jump. “Do you know what you’re doing to me?” he asked gruffly against her ear. Logan brought his arms around her and covered her breasts with his hands. He thrust his hips, letting her feel the power of his erection against her bottom.

“Oh!” she cried again, this time with soft acceptance.

Logan closed his eyes and groaned low. If he had any doubts Libby was receptive to his boldness the thought went right out the window the moment she pressed her bottom against his cock.

“There’s a damn storm out there, Libby, and all I can think about is a repeat of what we did in the pool house.”

Her soft laugh filled the small room, heard above the pounding rain on the tin roof. “I haven’t stopped thinking about it,” she admitted. “I’m embarrassed at how, ah, slutty I acted with you.”

“Do you know what I think?” he whispered, caressing her breasts and nipples and noticing how perfect they felt in his palms. Like they belonged there. “I think you’re a witch and you put a hex on me.” He sucked in his breath when she arched her
back, forcing her bottom more fully against him. His knees actually buckled in weakness.

She laughed again, trembling wildly. “My greatgrandmother was said to be a witch,” she confessed.

Growling low, Logan leaned forward and put his mouth against her collarbone. His kisses traveled a slow path to the graceful arch of her neck, where she tilted her head so he could have better access. He closed his teeth over her in a gentle love
bite, and then sucked the brief pain away. Libby shivered wildly, turning her face toward him with a sigh of longing on her lips.

Logan didn’t think twice about accepting her silent invitation. His mouth swooped down on hers, parting her sweet lips and thrusting his tongue inside to mate with hers. Mutual moans of pleasure echoed around them. It would be so easy to lose control with Libby. But did he want to use her in that way? The truth was Logan didn’t have the strength to pull away.

His arousal pounded full and heavy behind his zipper, demanding he do something about it. His heart was beating rapidly to keep up with the rush spiraling through his blood. And the hungry movements of Libby’s body as she writhed against him, her
audible whimpers, seemed to indicate she was working toward that same goal.

Logan forced himself to break their heated kiss...


s7anna said...

Logan & Libby's chemistry is off the charts!!! Hooeey!!! I'm gonna get a glass of cold water to cool me down from that! I can't wait to read the book...It sounds sensational...I've made a has been added to my mountainous TBR pile

Happy Reading!!!
Anna Shah Hoque

Linda Henderson said...

What a teaser, sounds hot and steamy. My kind of book.

Tory Richards said...

LOL...thanks. Do you buy print or ebooks? I can't believe the difference in costs! But at least there's an option for the budget:)

Tory Richards said...

Hi Linda! I'm going to be posting teasers at least once or twice a week. The last poll I did readers said they'd like to see more excerpts. I aim to please:)

s7anna said...

I tend to buy books in ebook format if it's an available option...The cost tends to be less...which mean that I can get more books :) plus it also means that there will be one less book to kick me out of home and hearth...since my books have completely taken over my apartment!

Happy Reading!!!
Anna Shah Hoque

Tory Richards said...

LOL, I used to be the same way. In my younger days when all I did was read I had closets full of paperbacks. I still like holding a book but I also have a small library of ebooks.