Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who doesn't like Baby Backs?

I love them! I've only found one restaurant that makes them almost as good as I do:) Okay, tooting my own horn here but with my home made barbecue sauce they come out finger licking good. Just dripping off the bone! And we're gonna have them for dinner tonight. Here's how I make them.

cut a rack up in about 3 to 4 ribs in a set
boil the hell...I mean heck out of them (hours) until they're tender but not falling off the bone
then slip them into the oven for about a half hour slathered in BB sauce, turn them over once

WARNING...I don't measure anything so you're on your own here, sorry

garlic salt
dark brown sugar
onion salt

Mix all together to make a thick sweet paste...sounds yummy doesn't it? LOL If you get the right formula is is the best! Honestly, you can't screw it up. It all depends on if you want sweet or tart. I like sweet.

Slather it on pre-boiled ribs and pop them in the oven of about 350 for 15 minutes on each side. I suppose you can broil them too but I bake them.

Oh I can't wait for dinner!


Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...What time's dinner?! *grin* ~Nancy

Lil said...

Ooh, that sounds so good. Have made something like it in the past but didn't have a recipe for barbecue sauce so mixed up a batch of ready made sauce with slightly less in quantity of mango orange juice and instead of boiling I baked them long and slow after a healthy slathering of sauce in an airtight foil tented roasting pan. Last 20 minutes, foil was removed and another slathering of sauce was added before increasing temp. Haven't made babyback ribs in eons, but am craving them now. Will try your method of boiling and shortened baking.

booklover0226 said...

Wow, just looking at the picture is making me hungry!

Tory Richards said...

Oh Nancy, sorry but I just now saw this! LOL Ribs are all gone:(

Tory Richards said...

Sounds so good Lil! I used to bake them like that but living here in Florida, it's too hot to have the oven on for long. Even with the air conditioner. No heat with boiling them.

I boiled a rack for about 3 hours, no kidding. And baked them for half an hour. The trick is to take them out before they fall apart.

Tory Richards said...

It's funny how that works, huh booklover0226? A friend of mine brought some to work for lunch one day and I craved them all week!

Mint said...

I'm going to pass this on to my daughter. Her family loves ribs.

Virginia said...

This really sounds good. Add corn on the cob, baked beans, cole slaw and lots of sweet iced tea! I also like country style pork ribs. I saute them in my big old cast iron skillet with a sliced onion or two for added flavor. When the ribs are well-browned, I drain off most of the grease and pour on my own homemade sauce. I cover the skillet and let those ribs simmer on low until they are incredibly tender and delicious!

Tory Richards said...

Let me know if she tries it, Mint. Actually, you can't go wrong with making the BB sauce. It's all according to personal taste and texture on how much you add of each ingredient.

Tory Richards said...

Man, Virginia, that sounds yummy! And sweet tea, my favorite! Must be a southern gal:)

Virginia said...

Virginia from VA, that's me! : )

Tory Richards said...