Saturday, September 12, 2009

Poor wittle putty tat

...not a good idea to bring a cat on a boat anyway:)


Mint said...

I'd hate to be the poor soul that has to pull that cat out of the water.

Linda Henderson

s7anna said...

That is going to be one seriously pissed off cat...what on earth where they thinking :P I foresee months of bribing to get back in his/her good graces.

Anna Shah Hoque

Virginia said...


annalisa said...

Poor kitty! If their kitty is anything like my kitties, she/he will find a way to retaliate. They will be so sorry kitty got a dunkin'.

Tory Richards said... the expressions on the kid's faces, too! But that poor cat, can't help but feel sorry for it.

I have 3 kitties and they like to play in their drinking fountain but that's as wet as they want to get!