Sunday, August 23, 2009

What Scares Me

Most of you know I love sci-fi Saturdays. I spend the whole day in my jammies, in my chair, watching it. I only move to go to the bathroom or fix something to eat. It's my day. Sometimes I don't even answer the phone. The name of whoever is calling shows up on the TV so if it's no one I want to talk to I just let it ring.

I've noticed that on most sci-fi days there will be a theme. One Saturday it's Stephen King all day, then there will be a Saturday with nothing but movies on about world disasters like hurricanes, tornado and mega waves. Then vampires, werewolves...well, you get the idea. If you watch it then you know what I mean.

Yesterday was filled with the kind of movies I don't like, but can't take my eyes off. They truly frighten me. I can take the monsters, space movies, killer dolls and just about anything. But movies like Rest Stop and Joy Ride are very scary to me. It's just one bad serial killer who terrorizes, stalks, and tortures his victims before he kills them in horrible ways.

I think those movies affect me so strongly because it's something that could really happen. And unfortunately does. Except for the end, when you realize the bad guy didn't burn to death when his truck goes over the cliff, and he's still alive to start terrorizing people all over again.

The Exorcist is the one movie today that I still can't watch. I watched it once in the theater with a friend when it first came out, but never again!


babyface1980 said...

I love the Exorcist. Amazing movie. I'm more of a romance, comedy and family genre kinda person. But now and again I truly enjoy horrors.

In my household there is an unspoken rule about weekends. Nobody comes to visit or phones between 1pm and 5pm. That's everyone's personal time and time to catch up for the long week again. For me, it's movies, a good book, cracker and cheese and some wine on the side. :D I hope you had a good weekend otherwise.

Lodewyk Deysel

Tory Richards said...

You LOVE the Exorcist? I can't argue that it's an amazing movie but it scared me to death...almost:) There are so many levels to that movie that affected me.

That's a good household rule to have. Balance. We all need it. I get a whole day to myself because my nest is empty now.

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...I've never seen the Exorcist (or Jaws either for that matter) but that's just because horror movies aren't my thing. I don't find them scary because I'm much more likely to think about the Hollywood techniques that might have been used. Now a romance novel with a HEA is a whole other story:) Nancy

Tory Richards said...

I wish I could think like that Nancy but unfortunately I forget it's just a movie and let it get to me.

I can't believe you've never seen Jaws! That's a classic now. Well...maybe to some folks:) I remember when it first came out, what a stir it caused that summer.