Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wicked Desire Excerpt

Matt knew a coward when he saw one. And the expression on
Maggie’s beautiful face when she’d first seen him back at the
church warned him she was going to bolt. Where was the gutsy,
outspoken spitfire he’d met in Bangor? He’d watched her turn tail
and run. If he was smart he’d let her go. But the problem was he
wanted her. And Matt was fairly sure the lady wanted him too,
even though she was running from him at the moment.

He’d barely mumbled an explanation to his brother before
jumping into his newly washed truck and taking off after her. He
noticed which way she’d gone when she tore out of the church driveway.
It would serve her right if he gave her a ticket for the careless
way she’d exited the parking lot. But now, as he watched her
jump from her car, all he could think about was how sexy she
looked in those sinfully tight, cut-off jeans.

He pulled to a screeching halt next to her Mustang. His door
slammed shut but she didn’t stop to see how fast he was gaining on
her. She sprinted toward the front door of her cabin. Just as she
reached for the doorknob Matt closed his hand over her shoulder.

He ignored her gasp and forced her around, pushing her back
against the very door she’d been trying to escape through.
Her startled eyes moved up to his. “Oh, hi!” she said in a soft
and breathless tone.

Matt’s raised a brow. That’s all she has to say? “Why are you
running?” Except for the hand on Maggie’s shoulder he was careful
not to touch any part of her, though he was close. He wanted to
kiss the daylights out of her and wondered what she’d do if he acted
on the impulse. But first, he wanted some answers.

Maggie’s eyes widened more. “Me, running? What from?”

“Me, maybe?” His gaze dropped to her lips, watching as she
moistened them with the tip of her tongue. He wasn’t sure her action
was all that innocent, once he met the teasing sparkle in her
lovely eyes. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“I live here now,” she admitted softly.

Matt felt her slight tremble beneath his hand, which was still
on her shoulder. “What do you mean, you live here?” he demanded,
his gaze lowering once again to the parted softness of her
pretty mouth.

A need to taste those lips shot through him, so overwhelmingly
that Matt clenched his teeth to hold down a groan. His body
tightened with desire, a feeling that had never truly extinguished
since meeting her. Something about Maggie had gotten to him.

He’d even gone back to her apartment before leaving Bangor, only
to find her gone. Tracking her down had proved futile, since she’d
left without leaving a return address. He supposed he could have
found her if he’d pursued it.

“You know, as in, I moved here. Just a few days ago as a matter
of fact. I have family in this area and this cabin belonged to my
grandmother. What are you doing here?”

“I was born here. I spent the last five years in Bangor but decided
I didn’t like it.” He wasn’t about to go into the details because
they would include Janey’s death.

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