Friday, July 24, 2009

Fifty-five Means Sixty

Sixty means sixty-five, seventy means seventy-five...or with some people it means ninety. LOL I'm talking about the speed limit. Thank goodness for cruise control! I admit that I'm a cruise driver. If I didn't set my cruise to no more than five miles over the speed limit I'd be the first one to get a ticket. Especially on I-4.

It's easy to get up there before you know it. I mean, you start out at the correct speed but in an effort to keep up with everyone else you're going ten, twenty miles an hour over the limit. I can't believe how fast some drivers go on the interstate. I've only received one speeding ticket in my life time, about twenty-five years ago. Now all I do is set my cruise and stay in the right hand lane.

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