Monday, June 1, 2009

Meet Amy Gallow

Author’s Bio
I was the only child of an itinerant worker in the Australian Bush and fourteen before I finished a year in the same school I started it. In spite of this advantageous beginning, I served time in the Australian military and Merchant Marine, before lecturing at a university in engineering and management and ended my professional career in the management of the offshore oil industry. Since retiring I have survived the closure of three publishers and “A Soldier’s Woman” will be my thirteenth published book (No, I’m not superstitious). An independent Australian film maker is currently preparing a film of my tenth published book, “The Widow-Maker”

Whiskey Creek Press will release “Snow Drifter” in July and “A Fair Trader” in either November or December.

I have a website, Amy Gallow and a Blog.

“The Widow-Maker"

A beautiful Pit Chick with a reputation as a jinx;
A rider with one last chance to prove himself; and
An untried machine they call the Widow-Maker.
A terrible combination in the countdown to the start of the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix.
Dare you step beyond the barriers and join them?

“Snow Drifter”

Allison Farrell was content with the familiarity of her childhood home and secure in her position at Mayfield’s until Stuart Ferguson drifted in to blow her safe haven apart.

On the snowy peak of Mount Kosciusko she discovers a blaze within that the fiercest blizzard cannot extinguish. Yet the contrast between their lives is absolute. Has she the courage to emulate the biblical Ruth and leave her home and follow the endless winter from hemisphere to hemisphere?

“A Fair Trader”

Dinner at the Captain’s table, dancing cheek to cheek, and that uniform!
The final night of Ruth Lambert’s romantic cruise is pure magic…until Matthew Parker’s duty intervenes. A night of promised passion becomes five years of “What happened?” as letters go astray and pride stifles common sense.

Their next meeting plunges Ruth into a maelstrom where a love greater than anything she’d ever imagined thrusts her higher than the heavens, drives her deeper than the abyss, and threatens every achievement of her career.
At the point when everything she’d valued depends on proving she is a fair trader, her fear for Matthew dwarfs all else and she discovers the true price of loving…

“A Soldier’s Woman” (no cover art yet)

It would take a very special soldier to overcome Megan Ryan’s distrust of all things military. A fallen officer’s daughter, she has become right-hand woman a Davidson’s Machine and Tool, a family business in deep financial trouble. With the changing of the guard, Michael Davidson becomes its only hope. He is a career soldier, a sergeant in the elite SAS, living dangerously, always at the spear point.

They must join forces in a desperate battle to save the company, carrying them to Singapore, and the all-powerful Lim family. It is there that Megan learns just how much is at stake.
Will Michael return to his beloved SAS when their mission is complete?
For Megan there are only two impossible choices—become a soldier’s woman or lose Michael forever.

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