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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When Will I Learn?

I'm so disgusted with myself right now. I slipped today. Hubby said, why don't you stop at that chicken place on he way home and get some of that new grilled chicken they've been advertising, for dinner? So, I did. Doesn't take much to sway me sometimes. I've been doing so good on nutrisystem for the last month that I talked myself into it.

I'm not mad that I slipped. I'm mad at myself for eating that crap! I could have had a Little Debbie or a chocolate bar or something. The grilled chicken was tasty but just as greasy as their fried chicken. And worse, there's no meat! I'm not kidding. I picked up a 7-piece meal and was shocked at how small the pieces were. I ate a leg and two tiny thighs and now I feel horrible!

When will I learn?

Apparently not any time soon:)


LuAnn said...

At one time, a doctor put me on a special diet temporarily. But the one thing he told me is if I have a craving, eat a little of that. Otherwise, it will drive you crazy and that's when people binge and fall off their diets. A little doesn't hurt as bad! You'll be fine; just continue where you left off!

RubyD said...

LuAnn is right. I've gotten past my plateau now because I am working in the yard so much. Activity really helps take the weight off. My daughter joined Curves for Women and took 2 inches off her waist the first month and lost 7 pounds the second month. She is feeling so much better, also. Would go back myself but moved and don't have one near where I live now. Great support group, too.

Tory Richards said...

Not to worry LuAnn, I did:)

Tory Richards said...

I'm waiting for that plateau, Ruby. I know it's eventually going to hit me, and I won't lose anymore weight unless I exercise. I hate exercise, too!

My fingers get a lot of exercise:)