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Saturday, May 9, 2009

I've had a bit of bad luck lately. I dread what's coming next because we all know it, I'm thinking bad luck here, comes in threes.

Yesterday I had to chuck out over $300 to get the air conditioner repaired on my car. Some kind of grate like looking thing had to be replaced. The mechanic, a mom and pop type business, gave me a great deal. He fixed my car in one day and my air runs better than it ever has.

Then today my old lap top finally crashed and burned. I've had to run the recovery program just about every third or fourth day lately but today it didn't do its magic and repair my computer. I ran it five times before finally giving up.

I glance over at my hubby and frown, thinking about the new lap top I purchased a month ago and sold it to him because I liked my old one better. He offers to sell it back to me after I explain my dilemma. He wants to get one of those tiny ones anyway. Okay, problem number two solved.

The house smells like Christmas time. Hubby made a batch of sugar cookies. He knows I'm on nutrisystem and for some reason today I've been hungry all damn day! I've been fighting down the hunger pains with oranges, cabbage, and radishes. I did however eat half a sugar cookie:) I've been doing great and in just the three weeks I've been on the program I feel better and have more energy. It's just so hard ignoring that smell coming from the kitchen! LOL

I hope y'all have a great weekend!


michelle said...

I need a new air conditioner in my car too, but it will cost a lot more than $300 and it's an old car... maybe a good excuse for a new car! Can't go through another summer with air...ugh!

michelle said...

oops, I meant withOUT air, lol!

starryann said...

Sorry that you had some difficulties but seems like that happens. Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day for you. Good luck.

I found you at author island so stopping in to say hi also.

Tory Richards said...

I would say it's a great excuse for a new car Michelle:)

I don't know how anyone lived without air conditioning years ago! Especially here in Florida.

Tory Richards said...

Welcome from author island, starryann! Hope you won't be a stranger. What do you like to read?

Anonymous said...

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