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Monday, April 20, 2009



Lacey probably would have stood there for as long as it took if it hadn’t been for the man walking out of the cattle barn a short distance away. An impossibly tall, well-built man with the most piercing silver eyes she’d ever seen, set in a face that seemed carved from stone. He had the look of an experienced cowboy, from the top of his sweat-stained cowboy hat right down to his old leather boots. The leather chaps he was wearing over his jeans emphasized a certain part of his anatomy that didn’t appear to be lacking in size or length.

She tried to swallow, caught totally off-guard by the animal magnetism he exuded. He looked like a cowboy straight out of the 1800s, only twice as sexy. Was this her surprise? Who was he and when had he started working for her dad?

Lacey’s first instinct was to take her hands off her hips, aware her stance could be considered provocative to any man other than her father. She met the man’s gaze before his cool, slate-gray eyes dropped to take her in from head to foot to head again. Much in the same way she’d been ogling him. To her mortification, having his eyes on her produced an unexpected result. It suddenly felt like there was fire replacing the blood in her veins, and she felt her nipples become taut and tingle with intense awareness.

She had to remind herself to breathe.

Before she had a chance to see if he liked what he saw, she turned quickly and started up the stairs.

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