Saturday, April 25, 2009

RT Convention Chronicles

day five...

And the last day. On the way home last night I had car problems, which forced me to drop it off at the shop this morning. Hubby drove me to the convention. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stay for the Mr. Romance competition because I had to pick my car up before the shop closed this evening. I did, however, get to do the book fair.

Wow! There were about 400 authors signing and probably just as many or more readers wandering around. We all sold books. It was nice when it was over as I'll be honest, I'm exhausted! But it was an exciting week and I soaked up a lot of information and ideas. And...was totally surprised at some of the things I heard.

All in all I spent a small fortune this week but it was a learning journey and one I'm glad I took. I promise to post pictures soon. I'm waiting for the link of the picture taken of me and the models. I have a picture but we were also promised a link in order to post on our websites. I saw Chris Winters, Mr. Romance 2008...what a hunk!

Can't wait to find out who won the coveted title of Mr. Romance 2009, tonight. Ya'll have a great Sunday.



housemouse88 said...

Sorry to hear about your car. Can't wait to see the pictures. Hope you have a better weekend.

GladysMP said...

I don't know why my previous comment failed to appear.

I had asked when and where would we be able to see that picture of you with the models and commented on the fact they had at least made you feel comfortable.

Tory Richards said...

After being off 5 days I have to go back to work tomorrow. I don't mind working Sundays as it's quiet in the office. I'll have a lot of catching up to do, though.

Hope your weekend is looking good:)

Tory Richards said...

Hi Gladys...glad you didn't give up.

I'm waiting on the link from the photographer in order to post the picture here. It was sweet of them to put me at ease. They were really friendly guys and always gave you their undivided attention when you were talking to them. Big flirts, too:)

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...I can't believe you of the preventive maintenance school had car trouble at a most inconvenient time but then when else would it happen?!

It's a bitch to get old even if there are some perks as well:D Despite being exhausted and having less cash flow, it sounds like you still had a great time and won't regret having attended.

Looking forward to all the photos....Nancy:)

P.S. Having to go to work tomorrow bites.

Tory Richards said...

It did bite Nancy but I had so much to catch up on that the time just flew by.

I had a great time at RT and will get around to posting those pictures soon. Been having puter trouble lately and have had to run the recovery program twice in the last month.