Friday, April 24, 2009

RT Convention Chronicles

day four...

OMG...wait until I post the photo taken of me and the hunky models all trying out to be Mr. Romance 2009! I was so nervous. Don't know why. I guess being surrounded by all that muscle and sexiness. When I took up the seat provided for the shoot the model on the left of me asked me if was nervous and I replied yes. Next thing I knew he and the model to the right of me each took one of my hands and said, oh don't be nervous, there's no reason to be nervous. Then I felt a muscular arm slide around the back of my waist and all I could think of was the love handles in the way. Ever tried to suck in love handles?

After that, my mind went blank. They were all very sweet and gentlemanly. And the picture will provide me with enough heroes for a series, if I decide to write one.

The workshops I attended today were on writing thrillers and suspense. I also took the agents workshop. Harlequin was having a 60th celebration during lunch time and I took some cool pics there.

Tomorrow is my last day there. Then back to the real world and work on Sunday.


GladysMP said...

Boy, when and where can we see that picture? That must have been some experience; but it sounds like the guys were willing to help put you at ease. Do you know which of them was selected?

Tory Richards said...

Not yet Gladeys. Unfortunately I didn't make the Mr. Romance competition after all. Had car problems this morning and had to drop it off at the shop, which meant I had to pick it back up before the shop closed this evening:(

I'll be posting the picture soon:)

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...I almost snorted water out of my nose over the love handle remark. Why? because it was too damn funny and only those with non-suckable love handles themselves totally understands that remark.

The thing is though, it's not likely that even minus love handles that these sweet young thangs would be interested in our more mature selves;)

Can't wait to see the photo. You will be framing it, of course....Nancy:)

Tory Richards said...

Of course I'm going to frame it! Looking at it will give me plenty of ideas for future, ah, heroes:)

one6ylady said...

WOO HOO.... it certainly didn't suck to be you at that particular moment, did it? LOL

Oh well, we can all look, even if we can't touch. :)

Looking forward to seeing that shot!

Tory Richards said...

I'm still waiting to hear which model won the competition. And for the link of the picture so I can post it.