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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Drank a Beer!

LOL...I did something last night I rarely do. I had a beer. I was so tired when I got home from work that hubby took me out to dinner so I wouldn't have to cook. When I got home I showered, changed and drank the one beer left in the fridge. I'll admit that about halfway through I fell asleep. But when I woke up I finished it and then went to bed. Didn't know anything from 8:00-4:30! What a sleep I had. And I needed it.

Maybe I should do that more often. Beats a sleepless night. I have a very low tolerance for alcohol and usually get very relaxed and kind of dopey when drinking. One is my limit...if I can finish it:)


housemouse88 said...

Don't drink beer. Give me a Crown and Coke and I'm happy go lucky. I can't get past the taste of the beer. LOL Have a great day. By the way, I got the book today. Thank you again.

Debbie Wallace said...

I hope you enjoy the book:)

Beer doesn't taste all that great but when you're beyond exhausted, it worked great at relaxing me into the next day! LOL

Karin said...

I've never had beer, but if it did such a good job, maybe one every once in a while isn't bad. I mean, if something can give you sleep like that, it might just be worth it.

Debbie Wallace said...

That's how I feel Karin. And it does relax you and help you sleep. However, it might not have that reaction with you:)

Nancy Bristow said...

Yo Debbie...I'm not a huge beer fan myself but I can recommend a couple of brands that I actually like the taste of: Red Stripe (Jamacian Lager) and Pacifico Clara. They're both imported but I can buy them at Safeway (local grocery store). On occasion they're quite nice....Nancy:)

Debbie Wallace said...

I've never heard of them Nancy. Hubby buys the beer because he drinks it. The only one I've tried and liked is the one in the gold can or bottle...crap, can't even think of the name right now.