Monday, March 30, 2009

Which one of my books is this excerpt from?


She struggled briefly but she was no match for him. He easily forced her more deeply into the bed in an attack that quickly escalated into something sensual and profoundly explosive. Lost in the moment she ceased her struggling and began to kiss him back with an ardor that bordered on recklessness. Without thinking she opened her mouth beneath his, accepting his thrusting tongue against hers. Yet when she felt his hands at the buttons on her shirt she stiffened, suddenly frightened. She didn’t want him like this, not if he was making love to a ghost. Her fingers flew to his trying to keep him from undoing the buttons. She twisted her head in an effort to break the kiss but he followed her every move.

One by one the buttons gave way and then he was parting her shirt and curling his callused hand around her naked breast. His firm touch was like fire licking her skin, causing her to cry out against his mouth with pleasant surprise. She arched wildly with response, in spite of trying to halt his progress. Her hands moved over his naked shoulders, first pushing him away, then clutching him to her. She cried out in pleasure when his mouth abandoned hers to latch onto a hardened nipple.

Oh God! She writhed impatiently beneath him, lost in a vortex of spinning, dizzying emotions. She forgot about everything but the moment, arching her back in total abandon.

Oh! His hand moved between her thighs, causing an explosion of sensation that consumed her. The heat spiraling through her body pooled where his hand covered her. In the next instant his finger was flicking across the swelling bud of her arousal. She had to find a way resist but the feelings he roused were like none she’d experienced before. It wasn’t until she felt his hand move beneath her long johns and slip inside her panties that real panic set in. “No!” But it was too late. His finger slipped inside her. She bit down hard on her bottom lip, moaning with desire as her hunger was satisfied by that simple pleasure.


Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...This must be from one of your ebooks? Eh? ....Nancy:)

Debbie Wallace said...